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Australasian Orthodontic Journal

Australian Society of Orthodontists

Subject: Dentistry, Orthodontics & Medicine


ISSN: 2207-7472
eISSN: 2207-7480



VOLUME 32 , ISSUE 2 (November 2016) - List of articles

Open Access

Orthodontics is easy!

Craig Dreyer

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-120a

Open Access

The Herbst appliance and the Activator: influence of the vertical facial pattern

Christopher Turnock/ Michael G. Woods

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-120

Open Access

Effects of strontium ranelate on sutural bone formation: a histological and immunohistochemical study

Orhan H. Karataş/ Ebubekir Toy/ Abdullah Demir/ Hatice Toy/ Sümeyye Kozacıoğlu

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-121

Open Access

A qualitative study of orthodontic screening and referral practices among dental therapists in New Zealand

Allan Tan/ Florence Bennani/ W. Murray Thomson/ Mauro Farella/ Li Mei

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-123

Open Access

A comparative evaluation of ion release from different commercially-available orthodontic mini-implants – an in-vitro study

Venkateswaran Ananthanarayanan/ Sridevi Padmanabhan/ Arun B. Chitharanjan

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-124

Open Access

Expression of neural crest markers by human embryonic stem cells: an introductory project

Anita Bonic/ Mack Poon/ Michael G. Woods/ Alan O. Trounson

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-125

Open Access

Comparison of validity, repeatability and reproducibility of the Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) between digital and conventional study models

Sridhar Pasapula/ Martyn Sherriff/ Jeremy Breckon/ Dirk Bister/ Stefan Abela

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-126

Open Access

Orthodontists and the thyroid gland

Keith Godfrey

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-127

Open Access

A computed tomographic, mixed dentition, space analysis comparison

Luís Queijo/ Francisco do Vale/ Ana Corte-Real/ Sónia Alves

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-128

Open Access

The effects of blocking N/OFQ receptors on orofacial pain following experimental tooth movement in rats

Di Shan/ Yuwei He/ Hu Long/ Yang Zhou/ He Liu/ Rui Xu/ Renhuan Huang/ Wenli Lai

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-129

Open Access

Short-term treatment effects of the quad-helix appliance on dentofacial morphology of hyperdivergent patients

Saori Endo/ Wataru Yamada/ Isao Shundo/ Yoshiki Kobayashi/ Akira Komatsuzaki/ Toshiya Endo

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-130

Open Access

Effectiveness of photographs of study models for IOTN scoring

Ovais H. Malik/ Helen Stevenson/ N.A. Mandall/ Mubarak A. Alsaeed

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-131

Open Access

The Hawlix: a simple and aesthetic prosthetic orthodontic retain

Esma J. Doğramacı/ Vaughan S. Jones/ Allan G. Jones

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-132

Open Access

True intrusion of maxillary first molars with zygomatic and palatal miniscrew anchorage: a case report

Tulika Tripathi/ Shilpa Kalra/ Priyank Rai/ Farrukh Faraz/ Navneet Singh

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-133

Open Access

Literature reviews

DOI: 10.21307/aoj-2020-133a

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