Interdisciplinary management of a patient with advanced dental needs


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Interdisciplinary management of a patient with advanced dental needs

Desmond CV Ong * / Kenneth Crasta

Citation Information : Australasian Orthodontic Journal. Volume 33, Issue 2, Pages 268-279, DOI:

License : (CC BY 4.0)

Published Online: 30-July-2021



The present case report outlines the interdisciplinary management of an adult patient presenting with advanced generalised periodontal attachment loss, an upper dental midline discrepancy following the previous extraction of the upper left central incisor, and significant lower arch crowding. The endodontic and periodontal condition was stabilised prior to the commencement of fixed appliance orthodontic treatment and subsequent prosthetic replacement of the upper left central incisor. Interdisciplinary management provided a functional occlusion and stability of the periodontal condition along with pleasing facial and smile aesthetics.

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