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Transport Problems

Silesian University of Technology

EDITOR IN CHIEF : Prof. Aleksander Sładkowski

Number of Issues : 4

Subject: Economics, Transportation, Transportation Science & Technology

eISSN: 2300-861X


CiteScore: 1.8 (2020)


License type: CC BY 4.0
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Journal Transport Problems is a peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal, owned by Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Transport and has more than 10 years of experience.

This Journal is a source of information and research results in the transportation and communications science:  transport research, transport technology, transport economics, transport logistics, transport law.

  • ISSN print: 1896-0596
  • ISSN online: 2300-861X


The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) is one of the most prestigious and top-ranked technical universities in Poland, located in Upper Silesia. It is a modern higher education institution with over 70 years tradition in didactics, research and science.

The University was founded in 1945  as the scientific and didactic base for the most industrialized region in Poland and one of the most industrialized areas in Europe. Its rich, 70-year-old tradition makes it the oldest university in Upper Silesia and one of the oldest in the country.

The inauguration ceremony of the first academic year was held in Gliwice on October 29, 1945. At the time there were 2750 students. Didactic curricula and plans were based on the standards from Lvov Technical University. The academic staff of the SUT comprised almost solely the former academics from Lvov.

At present SUT educates 21984 students at all three level of study: bachelor, master and doctoral, mainly in the fields of engineering, technology and architecture. All these activities are run in modern laboratories and lecture halls by highly qualified university Staff consisting of 1750 academic teachers, including 164 professors and 341 assistant professors with DSc degree.



Prof. Aleksander Sładkowski - Department of Logistics and Industrial Transportation, Faculty of Transport, Silesian University of Technology

International Programming Council (Advisory Board)

Dr. Ghazwan Al-Haji (Sweden)
Prof. Andrzej Bargiela (United Kingdom)
Prof. Klaus Becker (Germany)
Dr. Bunda Besa (Zambia)
Dr. Elzbieta Bitner-Gregersen (Norway)
Prof. Ruxandra Botez (Canada)
Prof. Shyue-Koong Chang (Taiwan)
Chairman - Prof. Andrzej CHUDZIKIEWICZ - (Poland)
Prof. Tatiana Čorejová (Slovakia)
Prof. Lee Der-Horng (Singapore)
Prof. Jorge Miguel dos Reis Silva (Portugal)
Prof. Radim Farana (Czech Republic)
Prof. Harald Frey (Austria)
Prof. Thordur Fridgeirsson (Iceland)
Prof. Antonio Gabaldón - (Spain)
Prof. Peter Gaspar (Hungary)
Prof. George Giannopoulos (Greece)
Prof. Kshitij Gupta (India)
Prof. Petri Helo (Finland)
Prof. Adolf Hobbacher (Germany)
Prof. Tetsuro Hyodo (Japan)
Prof. Rosen Ivanov (Bulgaria)
Prof. Ajay Kapoor (Australia)
Dr. Vassilis Kappatos - (Denmark)
Prof. Srecko Krile (Croatia)
Dr. Xiaohua Li (USA)
Prof. Zbigniew Łukasik (Poland)
Prof. Gabriele Malavasi (Italy)
Prof. Marija Malenkovska (Macedonia)
Prof. Abilio Manuel da Silva (Portugal)
Dr. Marin Marinov (United Kingdom)
Prof. Pier Marzocca (Australia)
Dr. Mareks Mezitis (Latvia)
Prof. Leszek Mindur (Poland)
Prof. Makhamadjan Mirakhmedov (Uzbekistan)
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Prof. Robert Tomanek (Poland)
Prof. George Tumanishvili (Georgia)
Prof. Elen Twrdy (Slovenia)
Dr. Gediminas Vaiciunas (Lithuania)
Prof. Dean Vucinic (Belgium)

Editorial Board

Dr. habil. Piotr Folęga
Prof. Bogusław Łazarz

Associated Editors

Prof. Piotr Czech

Technical Secretary

Elżbieta Gorgoń

Technical Editors

MSc. Magdalena Truś


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