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28-September-2021 ,  Press Room - Immunohematology

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James Stark, a 19th century English landscape painter, was a leading member of the Norwich School, which began as a discussion group devoted to the self-education and improvement of its members, but ultimately developed into an exhibition society.  The rural and pastoral features of Norfolk County emerged as principal themes, generally interpreted in a realist mode.  Stark’s depiction of Cromer, Norfolk (1837), a seaside village, is one of his better-known works.  A review by Storry and Lomas-Francis in this issue of Immunohematology provides an update of the Cromer blood group system.

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01-July-2021 ,  Press Room - Immunohematology

We are happy to inform that the journal's CiteScore incresed in 2020!

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28-June-2021 ,  Press Room - Immunohematology

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As a Renaissance man, Charles Willson Peale found success in many pursuits, perhaps most illustriously as a painter of contributors to early American history, including the Revolution, in which he saw action as an officer in the Pennsylvania militia, as well as to the natural sciences, geography, and exploration. Following the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clarke's expedition proved essential from the standpoint of discovery and helped secure American presence in the west. Peale viewed Meriwether Lewis (on the cover) and William Clark as leading figures of his time. They provided him with artifacts and specimens from their journey, which he included in one of the nation's first museums, ultimately adding his portraits of them as well. A case report in this issue of Immunohematology (A. Gupta et al.) addresses Lewis compound antibodies.

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