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11-March-2021 ,  Press Room - Immunohematology

Explanation for March 2021 cover

Da Vinci, the epitomic Renaissance man, made groundbreaking contributions to science—with art.  Among the masterpieces in his anatomical sketchbook is his Studies of the Fetus in the Womb (1511), about which he wrote:

In this child the heart does not beat and it does not breathe because it rests continually in water, and if it breathed it would drown. And breathing is not necessary because it is vivified and nourished by the life and food of the mother... And one and the same soul governs these two bodies, and desires, fears and pains are common to this creature as to all other animated parts. From this it arises that a thing desired by the mother is often found imprinted on those parts of the infant that have the same qualities in the mother at the time of her desire; and a sudden terror kills both mother and child. Therefore one concludes that the same soul governs and nourishes both bodies.”

In this issue of Immunohematology, Yin et al. discuss transfusion support during childbirth for a woman with anti-U and the RHD*weak D type 4.0 allele.

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