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Research Article | 24-August-2017


Background and objective: In survival analysis, estimating the survival probability of a population is important, but on the other hand, investigators want to compare the survival experiences of different groups. In such cases, the differences can be illustrated by drawing survival curves, but this will only give a rough idea. Since the data obtained from survival studies contains frequently censored observations some specially designed tests are required in order to compare groups

Pinar Gunel Karadeniz, Ilker Ercan

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 18 , ISSUE 2, 311–328

Article | 26-May-2019


Survival data is a special type of data that measures the time to an event of interest. The most important feature of survival data is the presence of censored observations. An observation is said to be right-censored if the time of the observation is, for some reason, shorter than the time to the event. If no censoring occurs in the data, standard statistical models can be used to analyse the data. Pseudo-observations can replace censored observations and thereby allow standard statistical

Ewa Wycinka, Tomasz Jurkiewicz

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 20 , ISSUE 1, 171–188

Article | 03-March-2021

Analysing the impact of dependency on conditional survival functions using copulas

Nowadays, insurance contract reserves for coupled lives are considered jointly, which has a significant influence on the process of determining actuarial reserves. In this paper, conditional survival distributions of life insurance reserves are computed using copulas. Subsequently, the results are compared with an independence case. These calculations are based on selected Archimedean copulas and apply when the ‘death of one individual’ condition exists. The estimation outcome

Hadi Safari-Katesari, Samira Zaroudi

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 22 , ISSUE 1, 217–226

research-paper | 12-August-2019

Prenatal ethanol intoxication and maternal intubation stress alter cell survival and apoptosis in the postnatal development of rat hippocampus

, hippocampus and cerebellum are especially sensitive to ethanol exposure (Tran and Kelly, 2003). The ethanol-associated neuronal damage which is initiated by activation of the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway (Cartwright et al., 1998; Ikonomidou et al., 2000; Light et al., 2002; Ramachandran et al., 2003; Dikranian et al., 2005) may be related to several molecular mechanisms including induction of oxidative stress, activation of caspase-3, functional loss of neurotrophic factors and inhibition of survival

Birsen Elibol, Merve Beker, Cigdem Dilek Sahbaz, Ulkan Kilic, Ewa Jakubowska-Doğru

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 79 , ISSUE 2, 133–147

Article | 31-December-2020

Stimulation of Antibody Following 51Chromium Survival Studies

The survival of red blood cells (RBCs) radiolabeled with 51chromium (51Cr) is a reliable method for predicting transfusion compatibility. Approximately 1.0 ml of 51Cr tagged RBCs is infused into the patient and samples are drawn at predetermined intervals post infusion to determine RBC survival. Red cells used for the study are usually incompatible with the patient's antibody. This antigenic rechallenge may stimulate further antibody production, which could contribute to accelerated

Susan S. Esty, Delores Mallory, Richard J. Davey, Tracy Wahl, Julie Zswisza

Immunohematology, Volume 3 , ISSUE 1, 6–8

Research paper | 13-December-2018


truncated and right censored data (LTRC), the nonparametric approach, suggested by Kaplan and Meier, is used to compare the survival function of two groups over different time periods. Another method based on median survival time of the pooled group is applied to compare the survival function of two groups with LTRC data. The major advantage of developing methods for comparing the nephropathy onset times of DM patients is that the expected DN onset time of new DM patients can be predicted depending on

Alka Sabharwal, Gurprit Grover

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 19 , ISSUE 3, 527–549

Research Article | 17-October-2018

Survival and Infectivity of Entomopathogenic Nematodes Formulated in Sodium Alginate Beads

An alternative control method to the use of chemical insecticides against soil dwelling insect pests is the application of entomopathogenic nematodes formulated in alginate beads for enhanced shelf life. The aim was to compare the benefit on nematode survival and infectivity of: (i) pre-conditioning of juveniles, and (ii) coating of alginate beads. The nematodes Steinernema glaseri, Steinernema carpocapsae, and Heterorhabditis bacteriophora were reproduced in last instar larvae of the wax moth

Jaime Ruiz-Vega, Carlos I. Cortés-Martínez, Cipriano García-Gutiérrez

Journal of Nematology, Volume 50 , ISSUE 3, 273–280

research-article | 30-November-2020

Quantification of pH tolerance levels among entomopathogenic nematodes

successfully exploited for biocontrol (Holajjer et al., 2014; Negrisoli et al., 2013; Stock and Blair, 2008; Shapiro-Ilan et al., 2011). EPNs occur naturally in the soil and their survival, host range, persistence, reproductive capacity, and infectivity can be affected by soil physio-chemical properties, temperature, soil organic matter, nutrient availability, and soil moisture (Kung et al., 1990b; Shapiro et al., 2000; Stock et al., 1999; Sun et al., 2016; Yadav, 2012), including and not limited to

Zanele Khathwayo, Tshimangadzo Ramakuwela, Justin Hatting, David I. Shapiro-Ilan, Nicolene Cochrane

Journal of Nematology, Volume 53 , 1–12

Research Communicate | 18-March-2020

Alternative approach to moments of order statistics from one-parameter Weibull distribution

The Weibull distribution is used to describe various observed failures of phenomena and widely used in survival analysis and reliability theory. Sometimes it is very difficult to compute moments of such distributions due to various reasons for e.g. analytical issues, multi parameter cases etc. This study presents the computation of the moments and the expected value of the product of order statistics in the sample from the one-parameter Weibull distribution. An alternative approach in

Piyush Kant Rai, Anu Sirohi

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 21 , ISSUE 1, 169–178

research-article | 30-November-2020

The impact of chemical nematicides on entomopathogenic nematode survival and infectivity

EPN species like H. bacteriophora and S. carpocapsae (Browning et al., 2004; Glazer et al., 1997; Hara and Kaya, 1982; Rovesti et al., 1988, Rovesti and Deseo, 1990). These studies mostly aimed to assess the compatibility of these compounds with EPNs based on the survival and infectivity of IJs. There, however, is a need to expand on the diversity of nematicides that are tested for impact on EPN, and their effects on the penetration efficacy and reproductive capacity; chemotaxis and longer-term

Mustapha Touray, Harun Cimen, Sebnem H. Gulsen, Derya Ulug, Dolunay Erdogus, David Shapiro-Ilan, Selcuk Hazir

Journal of Nematology, Volume 53 , 1–17

Article | 21-July-2017

Esteya vermicola Controls the Pinewood Nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, in Pine Seedlings

sawyer beetles (Coleoptera:Cerambycidae). Esteya vermicola treatments significantly increased the survival rate of pine seedlings that were infected by pinewood nematodes.Wounded plants sprayed with 107 CFU/ml E. vermicola had a 73.0% greater survival rate than nonwounded pine seedlings treated similarly. The treatment of pine seedlings with 107 CFU/ml E. vermicola 14 d before nematode infection increased their survival rate by 90.0%. The number of pinewood nematodes isolated from dead


Journal of Nematology, Volume 49 , ISSUE 1, 86–91

Research Article | 24-August-2017


of dispersion have been derived and discussed. The reliability properties, including hazard rate function and mean residual life function, have been discussed. The estimation of its parameters has been discussed using the maximum likelihood method and the applications of the distribution have been explained through some survival time data of a group of patients suffering from head and neck cancer, and the fit has been compared with a one-parameter Lindley distribution and a two-parameter weighted

Rama Shanker, Kamlesh Kumar Shukla, Amarendra Mishra

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 18 , ISSUE 2, 291–310

research-article | 29-March-2019

Survival of entomopathogenic nematodes in oil emulsions and control effectiveness on adult engorged ticks (Acari: Ixodida)

their interaction with the insect-pest. Hence, in an effort to increase the survival time and infectivity of EPNs on ticks, this study aimed to evaluate: (i) the effect of five vegetable oil emulsions on the survival and infectivity of S. carpocapsae, S. websteri and H. bacteriophora on ticks in laboratory and (ii) the control effectiveness (CE) of application of EPNs in oil emulsion on ticks present in infested dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) in field conditions. Materials and methods Description

Teodulfo Aquino-Bolaños, Jaime Ruiz-Vega, Yolanda D. Ortiz Hernández, Julio C. Jiménez Castañeda

Journal of Nematology, Volume 51 , 1–10

Article | 09-November-2020

Clinical significance of an anti-Dib assessed by flow cytometry

Although antibodies to the Dib antigen are generally considered to be of potential clinical significance, we know of no reports assessing the clinical significance of anti-Dib (in vivo or in vitro). We report on an 88-year-old Japanese male gastrectomy patient who had alloanti-Dib. After transfusion of two Di(b–) units, three Di(b+) units had to be transfused, and there were no clinical signs of acute hemolysis. Di(b+) RBC survival was followed retrospectively by flow cytometry. On days 1

Regina M. Leger, Patricia A. Arndt, Asuncion Co, Lauren O’Brien, George Garratty

Immunohematology, Volume 13 , ISSUE 3, 93–96

Article | 01-April-2020

Reduced red blood cell destruction by antibody fragments

Antibodies to blood group antigens can cause immune RBC destruction directly (extravascular destruction) or indirectly through subsequent complement activation (intravascular hemolysis). The Fc portion of the IgG antibody is responsible for the effector functions of immune RBC destruction. We hypothesized that sensitization of RBCs with blood group antigen–specific IgG antibodies lacking their Fc portion would escape from the recipient’s immune system, allowing for a longer survival

Amina Mqadmi, Steven Abramowitz, Xiaoying Zheng, Karina Yazdanbakhsh

Immunohematology, Volume 22 , ISSUE 1, 11–14

Short Communication | 28-December-2016

Survival of Bacteria in Respiratory Protective Filters

Ewa B. Miaśkiewicz-Pęska, Tomasz Słomczyński

Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 65 , ISSUE 4, 475–477

research-article | 19-March-2020

Effect of an Alltech soil health product on entomopathogenic nematodes, root-knot nematodes and on the growth of tomato plants in the greenhouse

bionematicides/organic amendments that could be effective against PPN while displaying no negative impact on beneficial EPN. This research is therefore the first of its kind in this context. This study is designed to examine the effects of a proprietary soil health product blend of fermentation and plant extracts with micronutrients (ACS 5075, Alltech®, Inc., Nicholasville, KY USA), on the egg hatching and survival of the root-knot nematodes M. javanica and M. incognita, while studying its compatibility with

Anusha Pulavarty, Karina Horgan, Thomais Kakouli-Duarte

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–10

research-article | 30-November-2019

Potential of entomopathogenic nematodes against the pupal stage of the apple maggot Rhagoletis pomonella (Walsh) (Diptera: Tephritidae)

were combined. All seven nematode species significantly reduced pupal survival compared with the control group (F = 3.87; df = 15.47; P = 0.0006, Fig. 1). The nematode treatments reduced pupal survival at a similar level, with no significant differences detected among them. Pupal survival among the treatments ranged from 42.85% (for S. carpocapsae) to 73.8% (for H. bacteriophora) (Fig. 1). Figure 1: Mean percentage survival (± SEM) of Rhagoletis pomonella pupae when exposed to various treatments

Muhammad Usman, Sehrish Gulzar, Waqas Wakil, Jaime C. Piñero, Tracy C. Leskey, Laura J. Nixon, Camila Oliveira-Hofman, Shaohui Wu, David Shapiro-Ilan

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–9

Article | 07-July-2017


Kumar Prabhash, Vijay M Patil, Vanita Noronha, Amit Joshi, Atanu Bhattacharjee

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 17 , ISSUE 4, 671–690

research-article | 30-November-2017


were incubated in the laboratory conditions as mentioned above. The test media were totally renewed 3 times a week, and the animals were fed with Chlorella sp. at the concentration of 1 mg/L per d. All incubations lasted for 3 weeks. The fitness parameters of Daphnia daily observed were survival, maturity age (the time of the first egg appeared in the brood chamber of Daphnia), and reproduction. By the end of the test, all living Daphnia female were immediately fixed with Lugol solution [2], and

Thi-My-Chi VO, Ngoc-Han PHAM, Tan-Duc NGUYEN, Manh-Ha BUI, Thanh-Son DAO

Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment, Volume 11 , ISSUE 3, 147–152

Article | 31-December-2020

Cold Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia With Auto-Anti-AI Specificity: 51Chromium Studies

A 65-year-old woman was found to have severe autoimmune hemolytic anemia. The patient was group A1, RhoD positive. The direct antiglobulin test was strongly positive with anti-C3 and negative with anti-IgG. The serum contained two distinct IgM antibodies, auto-anti-I and auto-anti-AI. Both were reactive at 22°C. However, the anti-AI also was reactive in saline and in albumin at 37°C. An eluate revealed anti-AI and a weak anti-I. Sequential 51Chromium survival studies were done with

May H. McGinniss, Richard J. Davey, Richard A. Binder, Arthur N. Kales

Immunohematology, Volume 3 , ISSUE 2, 20–22

Article | 29-December-2020

Assessing the clinical significance of anti-Cra and anti-M in a chronically transfused sickle cell patient

Banks (AABB) failed to identify Cr(a -), M-, E-, K -, S -, Fy(a - b -) donors. Various studies were performed to pre­dict the clinical significance of the anti-Cra and anti-M. Results of 51chromium survival studies showed 91.8 percent survival at 10 minutes and 87.2 percent survival at 60 minutes with Cr(a +), M -, E -, K -, S -, Fy(a - b -) red cells, suggesting that immediate de­struction of transfused Cr(a +) red cells would be unlikely. How­ever, further analysis revealed diminished

Mary B. Leatherbarrow, Sandra S. Ellisor, Patricia A. Collins, Deborah K. Douglas, Robert J. Eckrich, Susan S. Esty, Michael L. Baldwin, Paul M. Ness

Immunohematology, Volume 4 , ISSUE 4, 71–74

Article | 21-July-2017

Distribution and Longevity of Pratylenchus penetrans in the Red Raspberry Production System


Journal of Nematology, Volume 48 , ISSUE 4, 241–247

original-paper | 17-September-2021

The Effect of Long-Term Storage on Mycobacterium bovis

being fully characterized. It leads to the tense situation of tuberculosis in individual countries, both among animals and humans. Understanding the processes in a bacterial cell in response to the external factors could push the knowledge on the complex mechanism of mycobacterial adaptation and survival in macroorganisms and the environment. There is no sufficient research on the impact of long-term storage of vaccine strains on the effectiveness of preventive immunization for infectious diseases


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 70 , ISSUE 3, 327–337

Original Paper | 28-June-2017

Effect of Lyophilization on Survivability and Growth Kinetic of Trichoderma Strains Preserved on Various Agriculture By-Products

Growth kinetics of four Trichoderma strains was tested on lignocellulosic by-products in solid state fermentation (SSF). The strains were also analyzed for their survival rate and growth after lyophilization on these carriers. All applied monocomponent and bicomponent media were substrates for the production and preservation of Trichoderma biomass. However, the maximum number of colony forming units (CFU/g dm) was acquired on bicomponent media based on dried grass and beet pulp or grass with

Danuta Witkowska, Katarzyna Buska-Pisarek, Wojciech Łaba, Michał Piegza, Anna Kancelista

Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 66 , ISSUE 2, 181–188

Case report | 14-December-2020

Case report and review: alloimmunization, delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction, and clinically significant anti-Yta in a patient with ß-thalassemia/sickle cell anemia

were identified. The direct antiglobulin test was positive, and the eluate contained anti-c and -Jka. The patient’s hematocrit continued to decrease to 14 percent. Transfusions were withheld and the patient recovered uneventfully. Separate 51Cr red blood cell survival studies showed significantly shortened survival of both autologous and R1R1, Jk(a-), Yt(a+) erythrocytes. This case illustrates the complexity of transfusion management in hemoglobinopathy patients.

Christopher D. Hillyer, Jacquelynn M. Hall, Karen O. Tiegerman, Eugene M. Berkman

Immunohematology, Volume 7 , ISSUE 4, 102–106

original-paper | 31-May-2021

Enhancing the Efficiency of Soybean Inoculant for Nodulation under Multi-Environmental Stress Conditions

nodule occupation should also focus on optimizing the inoculant formulation and inoculation technology. Amendment of some sugars in the inoculant formulation is one strategy to improve bacterial survival under stress conditions (Singh et al. 2014). The ability of rhizobia to tolerate stress could be increased by maintaining the osmotic equilibrium across membranes by accumulating compatible solutes, mainly organic osmolytes (Saxena et al. 2013; Maryani et al. 2018). Many of the best-characterized


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 70 , ISSUE 2, 257–271

Original Paper | 04-December-2017

Physiological Effects of Whey- and Milk-Based Probiotic Yogurt in Rats

In an in vitro experiment commercially available probiotic products were tested for the survival of bacteria under conditions of simulated human digestion either when used alone or mixed into yogurt. In the in vivo experiment the effects of feeding a whey- and milk-based yogurt prepared with the probiotic strain showing adequate survival in the in vitro experiment, was measured on body weight, feed con­sumption and immune response of rats (IgG and IgA level after immunisation), on the

Judit Szabó-Fodor, András Bónai, Brigitta Bóta, Linda Szommerné Egyed, Ferenc Lakatos, Gréta Pápai, Attila Zsolnai, Róbert Glávits, Katalin Horvatovich, Melinda Kovács

Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 66 , ISSUE 4, 483–490

Review | 17-November-2020

Review: measuring red cell survival and determining the clinical significance of red cell antibodies

Sandra Nance

Immunohematology, Volume 11 , ISSUE 2, 31–38

Case report | 25-January-2018

Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis: Cerebral spinal fluid tumours.

Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis (LC) is the dissemination of cancer, commonly breast, lung, melanoma,acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma occurring through either direct extension from surrounding tumours or metastasis of a preexisting, parenchymal central nervous system tumour. A rise in the diagnosis of leptomeningeal disease has been seen with increased survival rates of cancer due to improved medical treatment, with 5-8% of patients with cancer going on to develop LC

Megan Stone

Australasian Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 26 , ISSUE 2, 11–14

Case report | 27-December-2020

A case report: unusual Gerbich antibody in a patient with sickle cell anemia

A patient whose red blood cells (RBCs) typed as Ge:2,3 produced an alloantibody to a high-frequency antigen in the Gerbich system. This antibody was shown to be nonreactive with Ge: -2, -3 RBCs using adsorption-elution studies. A monocyte monolayer assay (MMA) suggested that transfusion of Ge:2,3 RBCs to this patient would have reduced in vivo survival.

Michael I. Gorman, Bobbye Woody

Immunohematology, Volume 5 , ISSUE 2, 55–57

Research paper | 04-May-2018

Axonal outgrowth stimulation after alginate/mesenchymal stem cell therapy in injured rat spinal cord

which could form a supportive environment and scaffold to bridge the lesion area represents another attractive strategy. In the present study, through a combination of these two approaches we applied both alginate hydrogel biomaterial alone or allogenic transplants of MSCs isolated from bone marrow seeded in alginate biomaterial into injured rat spinal cord at three weeks after spinal cord compression performed at Th8-9 level. Following three-week survival, using immunohistochemistry we studied

Juraj Blaško, Eva Szekiova, Lucia Slovinska, Jozef Kafka, Dasa Cizkova

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 77 , ISSUE 4, 337–350

research-article | 30-November-2018

The interplay between parkin and alpha-synuclein; possible implications for the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease

extensively to-date. Previous research demonstrates that normal function of parkin is essential for LB formation, given that mutations in the parkin gene result in the absence of LB (Chung et al., 2001). This has led to suggestion that the formation of intracellular inclusions might be a tissue protective mechanism reducing α-syn release into extracellular space and the propagation of the pathology to neighboring cells, effectively at the expense of single cell survival (Chung et al., 2001). Despite these

Henryk Jęśko, Anna M. Lenkiewicz, Anna Wilkaniec, Agata Adamczyk

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 79 , ISSUE 3, 277–290

Article | 20-December-2020

An example of anti-JMH with characteristics of a clinically significant antibody

The authors studied an example of red cell anti-JMH (John Milton Hagen) that exhibited several characteristics of a possible clinically significant antibody able to cause red cell destruction in vivo. Strong serological reactivity, a positive monocyte monolayer assay, and immunoglobulin subclass determination as IgG3 all indicate possible ability to destroy red cells. A 51Cr-labeled red cell survival study was not done as the patient did not require red cell transfusions but may be recommended

John R. Geisland, Mary F. Corgan, Brenda L. Hillard

Immunohematology, Volume 6 , ISSUE 1, 9–11

Article | 17-November-2020

Correlation of monocyte monolayer assays and posttransfnsion survival of Yt(a+) red cells in patients with anti-Yta

Robert J. Eckrich, Delores M. Mallory, S. Gerald Sandler

Immunohematology, Volume 11 , ISSUE 3, 81–84

Article | 17-November-2020

Elimination of a requirement for Vel-negative red blood cells and successful transfusion following chromium-51 survival study

Richard J. Davey, Jo Lynn Procter

Immunohematology, Volume 11 , ISSUE 2, 39–42

Research paper | 04-August-2017

High-dose 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D supplementation elongates the lifespan of Huntington’s disease transgenic mice

a transgenic mouse model of Huntington’s disease. Methods: Our study was performed on N171-82Q Huntington’s disease transgenic mice in age- and gender-matched groups. We collected data on the motor state and survival of the mice. Results: The results demonstrate that though vitamin D3 had no effect on the motor performance of transgenic mice, but significantly increased the lifespan of transgenic animals (Kaplan-Meier survival curves: vehicle-supplemented group

Máté` Fort Molnár, Rita Török, Evelin Sümegi, László Vécsei, Péter Klivényi, Levente Szalárdy1

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 76 , ISSUE 3, 176–181

Short Communication | 30-March-2017

Use of Amplification Fragment Length Polymorphism to Genotype Pseudomonas stutzeri Strains Following Exposure to Ultraviolet Light A

Changes in ultraviolet light radiation can act as a selective force on the genetic and physiological traits of a microbial community. Two strains of the common soil bacterium Pseudomonas stutzeri, isolated from aquifer cores and from human spinal fluid were exposed to ultraviolet light. Amplification length polymorphism analysis (AFLP) was used to genotype this bacterial species and evaluate the effect of UVA-exposure on genomic DNA extracted from 18 survival colonies of the two strains

Lisa Lombardi, Marina Zoppo, Cosmeri Rizzato, Colin Gerard Egan, Roberto Scarpato, Arianna Tavanti

Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 66 , ISSUE 1, 107–111

Research Article | 21-May-2019


virulence of F. tularensis. This review focuses on the main virulence factors of F. tularensis which are involved in intramacrophage replication and its survival mechanisms during infection.

Kamila Formińska, Aleksandra Anna Zasada

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology, Volume 56 , ISSUE 2, 187–195

short-communication | 18-February-2020

Sub-lethal Concentrations of Phytochemicals (Carvacrol and Oregano) Select for Reduced Susceptibility Mutants of Escherichia coli O23:H52

, which was in cadC. The cad operon is one of the survival mechanism systems in E. coli that is triggered in response to unfavorable acidic conditions (Tetsch et al. 2011). This system is composed of three genes; cadA (encodes a cytoplasmic CadA protein responsible for decarboxylation of lysine), cadB (encodes a transmembrane CadB protein responsible for excretion of the end products of lysine decarboxylation), and cadC (located upstream of the cadBA operon and encodes a transmembrane protein CadC


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 69 , ISSUE 1, 121–125

research-article | 30-November-2019

Activity of Steinernema colombiense in plant-based oils

applied in the soil by creating a simple suspension in water, which is easy to manage and cheap for growers to use. Survival and activity of EPNs on soils will differ depending on the substrate selected for their formulation and the environmental conditions of storage (temperature, humidity, and time) (Grewal, 2000; Kim et al., 2015; Ramakuwela et al., 2015; Leite et al., 2018; Touray et al., 2020). EPN application for targeting aerial pests requires extra adjustments to keep them located on the

Gabriela Castruita-Esparza, Francisco Ángel Bueno-Pallero, Rubén Blanco-Pérez, Lídia Dionísio, Teodulfo Aquino-Bolaños, Raquel Campos-Herrera

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–12

Review | 16-October-2019

Clinical significance of antibodies to antigens in the International Society of Blood Transfusion collections, 700 series of low-incidence antigens, and 901 series of high-incidence antigens

This article reviews information regarding the clinical significance of antibodies to antigens in the blood group collections, the 700 series of low-incidence antigens, and the 901 series of high-incidence antigens. Antibodies to many of the antigens in these groups are rarely encountered, meaning that available information is limited. For a few, the clinical significance— the potential to cause reduced survival of transfused antigen-positive red blood cells, a hemolytic transfusion

Christine Lomas-Francis

Immunohematology, Volume 34 , ISSUE 2, 39–45

Research Article | 20-November-2017


Middle-censoring refers to data arising in situations where the exact lifetime of study subjects becomes unobservable if it happens to fall in a random censoring interval. In the present paper we propose a semiparametric additive risks regression model for analysing middle-censored lifetime data arising from an unknown population. We estimate the regression parameters and the unknown baseline survival function by two different methods. The first method uses the martingale-based theory and the

P. G. Sankaran, S. Prasad

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 18 , ISSUE 3, 459–479

Case Study | 10-November-2020

Characteristics of anti-Cob in vitro and in vivo: a case study

Serologic and biologic properties of an example of anti-Cob were investigated. The antibody was of the IgG class, and it bound small amounts of complement. It reacted optimally in the albumin-antiglobulin test with little or no enhancement of its reactivity in tests using enzymes. Additional experiments indicated that the Cob antigen is resistant to treatment with chemicals known to destroy other antigens. The antibody caused shortened survival of radiola­beled Co(b+) donor red cells in our

Johannes J.M.L. Hoffmann, Marijke A.M. Overbeeke

Immunohematology, Volume 12 , ISSUE 1, 11–13

Review | 29-October-2019

JMH blood group system: a review

. Antibodies developed in the rare JMH variant types may cause reduced red cell survival. This review provides a general overview of the JMH blood group system, including the serologic and molecular characteristics as well as proposed functions of the Sema7A protein.

Susan T. Johnson

Immunohematology, Volume 30 , ISSUE 1, 18–23

research-article | 30-November-2019

Panagrolaimus superbus tolerates hypoxia within Gallium metal cage: implications for the understanding of the phenomenon of anhydrobiosis

et al., 2000; Chitwood, 2003). Some examples are the soybean-parasitic nematodes Heterodera glycines, the root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne incognita, and the potato-parasitic nematodes Globodera rostochiensis. In nature, some organisms exhibit a singular survival strategy to droughts known as anhydrobiosis (life without water) − a very stable state of suspended animation into which some species are able to enter when subjected to desiccation, which induces substantial water loss, resulting in a

Danyel Fernandes Contiliani, Yasmin de Araújo Ribeiro, Vitor Nolasco de Moraes, Tiago Campos Pereira

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–6

Research Article | 17-October-2018

Responses of Anastrepha suspensa, Diachasmimorpha longicaudata, and Sensitivity of Guava Production to Heterorhabditis bacteriophora in Fruit Fly Integrated Pest Management

infested guavas were treated with increasing Heterorhabditis bacteriophora infective juvenile (IJ) concentration or rate (0, 25, 50, …, 1,600 IJs cm−2) in field trials to measure the optimum IJ rate and then examine sensitivity of producing guavas to inclusion of Heterorhabditis bacteriophora in Caribfly IPM plans. Relative survival of Caribfly in treatments significantly decreased with increasing IJ rate from 0 to 100 IJs cm−2. Similarly, probability of observing large numbers of parasitoid wasps

William K. Heve, Fahiem E. El-Borai, Evan G. Johnson, Daniel Carrillo, William T. Crow, Larry W. Duncan

Journal of Nematology, Volume 50 , ISSUE 3, 261–272

Research Article | 01-June-2020

Statistical properties and different methods of estimation for extended weighted inverted Rayleigh distribution

The aim of this paper is to introduce a new weighted probability distribution to model the non-monotone failure rate pattern for survival data. The proposed distribution is generalized by considering inverted Rayleigh distribution as a baseline distribution called an extended weighted inverted Rayleigh distribution. Different statistical properties such as moment, quantile function, moment generating function, entropy measurement, Bonferroni and Lorenz curve, stochastic ordering and order

Abhimanyu Singh Yadav, S. K. Singh, Umesh Singh

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 21 , ISSUE 2, 119–141

Article | 15-March-2019


In this study, we introduce a new model called the Extended Exponentiated Power Lindley distribution which extends the Lindley distribution and has increasing, bathtub and upside down shapes for the hazard rate function. It also includes the power Lindley distribution as a special case. Several statistical properties of the distribution are explored, such as the density, hazard rate, survival, quantile functions, and moments. Estimation using the maximum likelihood method and inference on a

V. Ranjbar, M. Alizadeh, G. G. Hademani

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 19 , ISSUE 4, 621–643

Review | 16-October-2019

Clinical significance of antibodies to antigens in the Raph, John Milton Hagen, I, Globoside, Gill, Rh-associated glycoprotein, FORS, JR, LAN, Vel, CD59, and Augustine blood group systems

This article reviews information on the clinical significance of antibodies to antigens in the Raph, John Milton Hagen, I, Globoside, Gill, Rh-associated glycoprotein, FORS, JR, LAN, Vel, CD59, and Augustine blood group systems. Antibodies to many of the antigens in these groups are rarely encountered because of the high prevalence of the associated antigens in most populations. For many of these antibodies, the clinical significance—that is, the potential to cause reduced survival of

Mostafa Moghaddam, Amir Ali Naghi

Immunohematology, Volume 34 , ISSUE 3, 85–90

Article | 01-March-2015


As a branch of topology control, power control is of great importance to prolong the survival time of the network. A transmission power control algorithm is proposed under the minimum connected average node degree constraint in this paper. Using a Poisson point process in two dimensions, we derive an analytical expression that determines the required transmission range to achieve a specified connectivity probability for a given node density, and then the minimum connected average node degree is

Junfeng Qiao, Sanyang Liu, Xiaogang Qi, Gengzhong Zheng

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 8 , ISSUE 1, 821–

research-article | 09-September-2021

Immersion pulmonary oedema in a triathlete – a diagnostic challenge in sports cardiology

Anna Sobieszek, Marcin Konopka, Marek Cacko, Marek Kuch, Wojciech Braksator

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 21 , ISSUE 86, 252–257

Research paper | 15-January-2019

Lin28 overexpression inhibits neurite outgrowth of primary cortical neurons in vitro

Lin28 has been shown to promote proliferation of progenitors and survival of neurons during cortical neurogenesis. However, the role of Lin28 in the terminal maturation of neurons remains obscured. In this study, we investigated the developmental impact of Lin28 overexpression on neurite outgrowth. Lin28 expression was upregulated by in utero electroporation at E14.5. Two days later, electroporated cortices were dissociated for culturing primary cortical neurons. We found that Lin28

Mohammad Iqbal Hossain Bhuiyan, Seong Yun Kim, Kyung-Ok Cho

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 78 , ISSUE 4, 297–304

Article | 21-July-2017

Oscheius tipulae in Italy: Evidence of an Alien Isolate in the Integral Natural Reserve of Montecristo Island (Tuscany)

number of alien plants in this protected area and the low desiccation survival ability of O. tipulae, we hypothesized that the presence of this alien nematode isolate may be related to the soil of introduced plants, although historical association with plant-associated invertebrates is also possible. Further studies with more populations and marker molecules are necessary to investigate the distribution of O. tipulae and the possible impact on this natural reserve.


Journal of Nematology, Volume 48 , ISSUE 1, 8–13

original-paper | 28-January-2020

Anti-Salmonella Potential of New Lactobacillus Strains with the Application in the Poultry Industry

. We investigated their survival in bile salts and low pH, antibiotic resistance, aggregation properties, and adherence to polystyrene and Caco-2 cells. The safety of the application of the strains was verified by the cytotoxicity test, and their effectivity was assessed by the competition assay and by the measurement of their antagonistic activity towards Salmonella strains. Experimental Materials and Methods Bacterial strains. Three strains of Lactobacillus sp.: L. rhamnosus LOCK 1131, L


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 69 , ISSUE 1, 5–18

Case report | 01-December-2019

Alloimmunization to Kell blood group system antigen owing to unmatched blood transfusion in a resource-poor setting

patients who are transfusion dependent for survival.

Sheetal Malhotra, Gagandeep Kaur, Sabita Basu, Ravneet Ravneet, Geetanjali Jindal

Immunohematology, Volume 28 , ISSUE 2, 45–48

minireview | 24-February-2021

The Pathogenesis of Aspergillus fumigatus, Host Defense Mechanisms, and the Development of AFMP4 Antigen as a Vaccine

, fumagillin, gliotoxin, helvolic acid, fumigaclavin C, asp-hemolysin, and so on. The genes and molecules associated with A. fumigatus virulence either were helpful for the survival of pathogens in the host, or contributed to the process of evading the immune system, such as masking the important PAMPs, inhibition of phagosome-lysosome fusion, production of antioxidants like catalase, SOD, and mannitol, or exerted multiple immunosuppressive actions on the host immunity by producing specific secondary


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 70 , ISSUE 1, 3–11

Article | 30-November-2020

An example of anti-LWa in a 10-month-old infant

patient’s red blood cells (RBCs) typed as B, D-, LW(a-), K-, Fy(a-). Due to the age and clinical status of the child, 51Cr survival studies were not performed. One pediatric unit of D-, K-, Fy(a-) blood was transfused uneventfully; the expected increment of hemoglobin was achieved. Repeat testing 3 months later showed a weakly positive DAT, the patient’s RBCs typed as LW(a+), and anti-LWa was detected only by a two-stage papain technique. These results suggest that the patient had a

Alan Devenish

Immunohematology, Volume 10 , ISSUE 4, 127–129

research-article | 30-November-2020

Endophytic Beauveria bassiana increases galling of ‘Rutgers’ tomato roots with Meloidogyne incognita

Shalini Yerukala, Ernest C. Bernard, Kimberly D. Gwinn, David M. Butler, Parwinder S. Grewal, Bonnie H. Ownley

Journal of Nematology, Volume 53 , 1–16

Research paper | 25-July-2017

BDNF gene polymorphisms and haplotypes in relation to cognitive performance in Polish healthy subjects

The brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a neurotrophin that plays an important role in the cell survival, axonal and dendritic growth, and synaptic plasticity. BDNF gene polymorphisms, functional Val66Met mainly, were shown to influence human brain structure and cognition. The aim of the study was to assess the relationship between twelve BDNF gene variants and their haplotypes and cognitive performance measured using the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST), the Trail

Monika Wiłkość, Agnieszka Szałkowska, Maria Skibińska, Ludmiła Zając-Lamparska, Małgorzata Maciukiewicz, Aleksander Araszkiewicz

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 76 , ISSUE 1, 43–52

Review | 16-October-2019

Clinical significance of antibodies to antigens in the Scianna, Dombrock, Colton, LandsteinerWeiner, Chido/Rodgers, H, Kx, Cromer, Gerbich, Knops, Indian, and Ok blood group systems

survival of transfused antigen-positive red blood cells or a transfusion reaction (e.g., anti-Ge2, anti-H) and/or hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn (e.g., anti-Coa , anti-Ge3)— has been documented. Some of these antibodies are not always clinically significant, and because of the high prevalence of the antigen, antigen-negative blood may be extremely difficult to find (e.g., anti-LW, anti-Inb). The use of a monocyte monolayer assay may be helpful when making transfusion decisions for

Sofia Lejon Crottet

Immunohematology, Volume 34 , ISSUE 3, 103–108

Review | 01-December-2019

GIL: a blood group system review

shown to be the same as an unidentified high-incidence antigen lacking from the red blood cells of a French woman. Coincidentally all the antibodies found have been produced as a result of pregnancy. While there has not been a direct link to a disease, the absence of the AQP3 protein may result in a worse than expected rate of survival of patients with bladder cancer as compared with patients with the same disease who express the protein. Future work may center on using GIL as a marker for AQP3 and

Dawn M. Rumsey, Delores A. Mallory

Immunohematology, Volume 29 , ISSUE 4, 141–144

original-paper | 28-June-2019

Campylobacter fetus is Internalized by Bovine Endometrial Epithelial Cells

and incubated for 1 h at 37°C. The percentage of adhered bacteria was calculated by the formula [(CFU intracellular / CFU inoculum) × 100]. For visual interpretation, cells were fixed with methanol and stained with 100% Giemsa for 40 min. Intracellular survival assays. Three independent assays with three replicates per time were performed as described by Elsinghorst (1994) with some modifications. First, C. fetus was grown on the Campylobacter selective agar supplemented with 5% sheep blood for 48


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 68 , ISSUE 2, 217–224

research-article | 06-April-2020

Moderate exercise prevents the cell atrophy caused by hypothyroidism in rats

, 2005). Exercise intensity is directly related to glucocorticoid secretion (Stranahan et al., 2008), and glucocorticoids are known to affect hippocampal structure and function in various ways. Elevated glucocorticoid levels induce apoptosis, decrease neuronal survival and inhibit neurogenesis in the hippocampus, thus resulting in decreased hippocampal volume (Sandi and Pinelo-Nava, 2007). Yet glucocorticoid activity is required for adequate neural cell proliferation (Gkikas et al., 2017). According

Carmen Martínez-Salazar, Iván Villanueva, Jorge Pacheco-Rosado, Claudia Alva-Sánchez

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 80 , ISSUE 1, 47–56

Review | 28-April-2020

Review: complement receptor 1 therapeutics for prevention of immune hemolysis

. In addition, it will be shown in an in vivo mouse model of transfusion reaction that recombinant soluble forms of CR1 can reduce complement-mediated RBC destruction,thereby prolonging survival of transfused RBCs. It is proposed that CR1-based therapeutics have potential for effective and safe prophylactic short-term use and for treatment of hemolytic transfusion reactions.

Karina Yazdanbakhsh

Immunohematology, Volume 21 , ISSUE 3, 109–118

Original Paper | 04-September-2018

Exopolysaccharides Produced by Lactobacillus rhamnosus KL 53A and Lactobacillus casei Fyos Affect Their Adhesion to Enterocytes

Probiotics promote and help to maintain beneficial microbiota composition of the gastrointestinal tract ecosystem and have a positive impact on the host’s health. Production of exopolysaccharides is an important feature of probiotic lactobacilli. It increases the chance of their survival in the gastrointestinal tract and promotes adhesion to the epithelium; therefore, exopolysaccharides are important for the process of colonization. Two lactic acid bacteria strains were used in this study


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 67 , ISSUE 3, 273–281

research-article | 30-November-2019

Lovastatin alters neurotrophin expression in rat hippocampus-derived neural stem cells in vitro

INTRODUCTION Neurotrophins are comprised of a small family of dimeric proteins, which assist in differentiation and survival of peripheral and central neurons. They regulate neurogenesis, synaptic strength, and plasticity (Ivanisevic and Saragovi, 2013), as well as neurons survival, development, and function in the vertebrate nervous system (Vilar and Mira, 2016). Nerve growth factor (NGF), the first described member of the neurotrophin family, is best known for its trophic role in the

Farzaneh Fakheri, Alireza Abdanipour, Kazem Parivar, Iraj Jafari Anarkooli, Hossein Rastegar

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 79 , ISSUE 4, 413–420

research-article | 30-November-2019

Difference in lesion formation by male and female Pratylenchus penetrans

observed on the outer root surface prior to removing the root was counted as ectoparasites. The nematodes that were more than 0.5 cm away from roots were counted as egressed. The average number of nematodes per lesion and per mm2 of lesion was calculated. Counts of endoparasites were confirmed for the dill and alfalfa experiments by dissecting roots, and the viability of nematodes was assessed by activity and turgor pressure upon rupturing the nematode cuticle. Survival rate was computed by dividing

Kanan Saikai, Ann E. MacGuidwin

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–9

Article | 17-November-2020

Detection of drug-dependent platelet antibodies by use of solid-phase red cell adherence techniques

drugs, i.e., porcine heparin, quinine sulfate, amoxicillin, BactrimTM, and albuterol, was followed by a correction of thrombocytopenia or improved platelet transfusion response within 72 hours. This test methodology and protocol has proven very useful in avoiding transfusions with little likelihood of benefit, and in identifying drugs interfering with platelet recovery or survival. Further investigations with this technique may expand our knowledge of the capability of this technique and of the

Miriam F. Leach, Linda K. Cooper, James P. AuBuchon

Immunohematology, Volume 11 , ISSUE 4, 143–149

Case report | 27-April-2020

Case report: massive postpartum transfusion of Jr(a+) red cells in the presence of anti-Jra

,she did not develop laboratory or clinical evidence of acute hemolysis. The patient’s anti-Jra had a pretransfusion titer of 4 and a monocyte monolayer assay (MMA) reactivity of 68.5% (reactivity > 5% is considered capable of shortening the survival of incompatible RBCs). The titer increased fourfold to 64 and the MMA reactivity was 72.5% on Day 10 posttransfusion. Review of laboratory data showed evidence of a mild delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction by Day 10 posttransfusion. Despite

Shan Yuan, Rosalind Armour, Allison Reid, Khaled F. Abdel-Rahman, Michael Phillips, Dawn M. Rumsey, Theresa Nester

Immunohematology, Volume 21 , ISSUE 3, 97–101

Research paper | 01-August-2017

Rat white matter injury model induced by endothelin-1 injection: technical modification and pathological evaluation

. Rats with white matter injury were extensively evaluated for structural changes and functional sequelae, using motor function tests, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, histopathology evolution, volume estimation of the lesion, and neuroanatomical identification of affected neurons using the retrograde tracer hydroxystilbamidine. Optimization of the trajectory of the ET-1 injection needle provided excellent survival rate. MR imaging visualized the white matter injury 2 days after surgery. Motor

Hideaki Ono, Hideaki Imai, Satoru Miyawaki, Hirofumi Nakatomi, Nobuhito Saito

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 76 , ISSUE 3, 212–224

research-article | 30-November-2018

Maternal Stress Reduces the Susceptibility of Root-Knot Nematodes to Pasteuria Penetrans

(Harvey and Orbidans, 2011). Such trade-offs in offspring size and number may be a strategy for mothers to provide their offspring for greater survival (Gliwicz and Guisande, 1992; Rossiter, 1996), including by boosting innate immunity. In D. magna, offspring are larger when mothers are exposed to food or heat stress, and large size is associated with resistance to P. ramosa (Garbutt et al., 2014; Garbutt and Little, 2017). In our study, we did not observe a difference in either egg number or size

Chang Liu, Pingsheng Ji, Patricia Timper

Journal of Nematology, Volume 51 , 1–8

research-article | 09-January-2020

The Use of Travel Time to Measure Geographic Accessibility to Breast Screening Services in New South Wales, Australia Short Paper

Breast cancer is the leading cancer in women worldwide in both developed and developing countries (World Health Organization, 2014). In resource-constrained settings with very limited health system capacity and lack of early-detection programmes, the majority of women with breast cancer are diagnosed in the late stages and the overall five-year survival rate is very low, with a range of 10 to 40% (World Health Organization, 2014). The World Health Organisation (2018) has set a goal to increase

Deborah van Gaans, Neil Coffee, Theo Niyonsenga, Catherine Miles, Matthew Warner-Smith, Mark Daniel, David Roder, Daniel J. Weiss

South Australian Geographical Journal, Volume 115 , ISSUE 1, 1–7

Report | 14-March-2020

The significance of a positive DAT in thalassemia patients

positive DAT than nonalloimmunized patients, but this association was not significant (OR, 2.2; p = 0.11). A positive DAT did not correlate with decreased response to transfusion, RBC survival, hemolysis, or increased transfusion requirements. Only two cases of early alloimmunization were detected by DAT among 288 DATpositive samples studied during 4 years. This study demonstrated that the routine performance of DATs on pretransfusion specimens in thalassemic patients has limited clinical utility, and

Suzanne A. Arinsburg, Donna L. Skerrett, Dorothy Kleinert, Patricia J. Giardina, Melissa M. Cushing

Immunohematology, Volume 26 , ISSUE 3, 87–91

research-article | 30-November-2020

Effect of fluensulfone on different functional genes of root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita

, fluensulfone has very low toxicity toward non-target organisms and it does not emit any volatile organic compound(s) (Ploeg et al., 2019; Waldo et al., 2019). Exposure to this chemical exerts irreversible nematicidal effects affecting the motility, chemosensory perception, stylet thrusting, feeding, moulting, infection potential, oviposition capacity, egg hatching, behaviour, metabolism, lipid consumption, tissue integrity and survival in root-knot, cyst and other nematode species (Kearn et al., 2014, 2017

Alkesh Hada, Divya Singh, Kranti Kavalipurapu Veera Venkata Satyanarayana, Madhurima Chatterjee, Victor Phani, Uma Rao

Journal of Nematology, Volume 53 , 1–14

research-paper | 14-June-2019

Selective neuronal death following exposure to methylenedioxypyrovalerone is accompanied by an inhibition of NMDA receptor NR2B subunit expression

), and, correspondingly, an expected low level of NR2A in the mouse pups at 7 days of age, we used the expression of NR2B together with NR1, as a general marker of overall NMDAR expression. Prima facie it was expected that an enhanced proportion of NR2B in the assembly of the NMDAR tetramer would lead to diminished survival of the affected neuronal progenitors. It is well-established that extrasynaptic (perisynaptic) NMDARs, which become activated mainly by an overflow of glutamate from the synaptic

László István Gerecsei, Tamás Balázsa, Diego Echevarría, Ágota Ádám, Gergely Zachar, András Csillag

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 79 , ISSUE 1, 92–100

Article | 26-June-2018

Malignant middle cerebral artery infarct: A clinical case report

critical care nurse specialist. The neurology consultant explained to the family that Mary was likely to deteriorate as there was evidence of haemorrhagic transformation and swelling. In addition, the team explained the controversy and uncertainty regarding DC, especially in Mary’s age group. They were careful to discuss the likelihood that the procedure would increase her chances of survival but would not necessarily reverse her current neurological deficits and that many patients in a similar

Kwan Yee (Queenie) Leung, Sheila Jala, Rosalind Elliott

Australasian Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 28 , ISSUE 1, 5–12

original-paper | 23-November-2020

Biofilm Production Potential of Salmonella Serovars Isolated from Chickens in North West Province, South Africa

Introduction Biofilms exist as summative clusters of microorganisms that could be from a single or multiple species. Biofilms are densely populated microbial communities comprising microorganisms of the same or different species that live close to each other and therefore facilitate social interaction (Davey and O’Toole 2000; Li and Tian 2012). The multicellular properties of biofilms assist in the survival of microorganisms when exposed to undesirable environmental and stressful conditions


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 69 , ISSUE 4, 427–439

short-communication | 30-November-2018

Evaluation of a Salmonella Strain Isolated from Honeybee Gut as a Potential Live Oral Vaccine Against Lethal Infection of Salmonella Typhimurium

, Bangladesh, and Nepal being the most affected (Brooks et al. 2005; Karkey et al. 2013). If a suitable treatment regime is not adopted for the typhoid patients there is a 12–30% increase in the mortality, while in treated cases the survival rate can be up to 99% (Ochiai et al. 2008). Over the years, antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella serotypes has emerged as a serious health problem worldwide (Chiu et al. 2002). For more insight about antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella see Threlfall (2002), Foley


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 68 , ISSUE 2, 173–183

Research Article | 23-May-2019


reactions. There are several main conceptual models (empirical vs. mechanistic, stochastic vs. deterministic, dynamic vs. static), in which there are model divisions depending on the type of examined microorganism or the nature of the problems caused by microbes (kinetic vs. probabilistic), described variables (first, secondary and tertiary) or the influence of environmental factors on microbial populations (growth, survival, inactivation). The new generations of models include molecular and genomic

Elżbieta Rosiak, Katarzyna Kajak-Siemaszko, Monika Trząskowska, Danuta Kołożyn-Krajewska

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology, Volume 57 , ISSUE 3, 229–243

Research paper | 10-October-2018

Afferent projections of the subthalamic nucleus in the rat: emphasis on bilateral and interhemispheric connections

-examine the STN with an emphasis on poorly- or un-documented connections. Furthermore, the bilateral and interhemispheric connections of the STN are evaluated. Fifteen male albino rats received injections of Fluoro-Gold retrograde and biotinylated dextran amine anterograde tracers into the STN. Following a 7–10 day survival period, the animals were processed according to the relevant protocol for each tracer. The present study demonstrates ipsilateral connections of the STN with cortical regions (i.e

Safiye Çavdar, Merve Özgür, Yusuf Özgür Çakmak, Yasemin Kuvvet, Sıla Kezban Kunt, Gökay Sağlam

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 78 , ISSUE 3, 251–263

research-article | 06-April-2020

Investigating the synergic effects of valproic acid and crocin on BDNF and GDNF expression in epidermal neural crest stem cells

INTRODUCTION Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and glial-cell-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) are both related to the neurotrophic factor family, which play essential roles in neural development, cell survival, differentiation, and axonal growth, in both the central and peripheral nervous systems, during development and in mature systems (Marsh and Blurton-Jones, 2017). During neurodegenerative disorders, such as spinal cord injury (SCI), Alzheimer’s disease, and Huntington’s disease

Zahra Baharvand, Mohammad Nabiuni, Mohammad Tahmaseb, Elaheh Amini, Sareh Pandamooz

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 80 , ISSUE 1, 38–46

Review | 01-April-2020

Transfusion of multiple units of Js(b+) red blood cells in the presence of anti-Jsb in a patient with sickleβ-thalassemia disease and a review of the literature

percent on day 2 after transfusion to strongly positive at 88 percent and 66.5 percent (with and without the addition of fresh serum) 1 week later. MMA reactivity of greater than 5 percent is associated with increased RBC destruction. There was no clinical or laboratory evidence of increased hemolysis above baseline. However,decreased RBC survival was suggested by the relatively brisk decrease of the HbA1 fraction after the transfusions. The current case and others reported in the literature suggest

Shan Yuan, Nadia P. Ewing, Debra Bailey, Marissa Salvador, Shirong Wang

Immunohematology, Volume 23 , ISSUE 2, 75–80

Article | 17-February-2021

Clinical impacts of DNA-based typing and provision of antigen-matched red blood cell units for chronically transfused patients with thalassemia

Chronic transfusion in patients with thalassemia is often complicated by red blood cell (RBC) alloantibodies to the lacking antigens on the patients’ RBCs. The prevalence of alloantibodies ranges from 4.25 to 37 percent in patients with thalassemia.1–6 Clinically significant alloantibodies can shorten transfused erythrocyte survival due to hemolytic transfusion reactions. To reduce the alloantibody risk, RBC antigen serotyping for Rh (C, c, E, e) and MNS hybrid glycophorins, especially for MNS7

P. Watanaboonyongcharoen, S. Onspun, P. Rojnuckarin

Immunohematology, Volume 36 , ISSUE 4, 137–145

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