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  • Journal Of Ultrasonography


research-article | 31-March-2020

Effect of adding a capsule with activated charcoal to abdominal ultrasound preparation on image quality

Introduction Abdominal ultrasound plays a major role in the diagnosis of patients referred from outpatient clinics, receiving inpatient care and treated at emergency departments. In recent decades, ultrasound has become a cornerstone in diagnosis of many acute and chronic abdominal diseases, such as infections, inflammations, stones, masses, fluid collections and obstructions. The use of ultrasonography as the first-choice examination has become a standard procedure for doctors all over the

Ahmed Abdul Jabar, Ibrahim Abbas, Nabeel Mishah, Mohammed Wazan, Motaen Tomehy

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 20 , ISSUE 80, e12–e17

Original Paper | 13-September-2016

Mesenteric changes in an ultrasound examination can facilitate the diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumors of the small intestine

Andrzej Smereczyński, Teresa Starzyńska, Katarzyna Kołaczyk

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 15 , ISSUE 62, 274–282

case-report | 31-March-2020

Transient venous air embolism after ERCP: worrisome or not?

progressive upper abdominal pain, vomiting, and became hypotensive and tachycardic with poor response to i.v. fluids. The 6-hour post-procedural laboratory studies showed an increased lipase level (193 U/L, normal <60) and a minimal inflammatory response (leukocytosis 14,470/μL, C-reactive protein 14.8 mg/L vs. 10.7 pre-procedurally), raising the initial diagnostic suspicion of post-procedural acute pancreatitis. The abdominal ultrasound performed 12 hours after the procedure for persistent symptoms

Theodor Alexandru Voiosu, Andrada Viorela Gheorghe, Gabriel Lepădat, Radu Bogdan Mateescu, Mihai Rimbaș

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 20 , ISSUE 80, e67–e69

case-report | 30-September-2019

Duplicated inferior vena cava with coexisting multiple vascular anomalies and their clinical implications: a case report

Cezary Gołąbek, Karolina Druć, Zuzanna Dusińska, Jakub Franke, Emil Głowacki, Agata Kuskowska, Adrianna Mróz, Oliwia Opacka, Oktawia Pięta, Anna Świderska, Karol Welc, Dominika Jaguś, Agnieszka Krauze, Maciej Jędrzejczyk

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 19 , ISSUE 78, 236–239

research-article | 15-June-2020

Association of spectral Doppler cardiac activity in the lower limb veins and echocardiographic findings in patients with tricuspid regurgitation

incorporated and used reliably as sonographic criteria when there is no availability or as an adjunct to echocardiography(23,24). Materials and methods A cross-sectional analytical study was performed in the Gilani Ultrasound Center, Lahore, Pakistan, for a duration of 13 months from March 2019 to February 2020. A total sample size of 400 subjects was selected for the purpose of the study. All the individuals referred for abdominal ultrasound having cardiac activities in the external iliac vein

Iqra Manzoor, Syed Amir Gilani, Raham Bacha, Mehreen Fatima

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 20 , ISSUE 81, e111–e115

Review | 13-September-2016

Standards of ultrasound imaging of the adrenal glands

histopathological entities but cortical adenomas without hormonal hyperfunction are the most common. Each abdominal ultrasound scan of a child or adult should include the assessment of the suprarenal areas. If a previously non-reported, incidental solid focal lesion exceeding 1 cm (incidentaloma) is detected in the suprarenal area, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging should be conducted to confi rm its presence and for differentiation and the tumor functional status should be determined

Rafał Z. Słapa, Wiesław S. Jakubowski, Katarzyna Dobruch-Sobczak, Anna A. Kasperlik-Załuska

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 15 , ISSUE 63, 377–387

research-article | 31-March-2020

Renal echotextural changes in Nigerian workers chronically exposed to petroleum-based liquid fuels

Angel-Mary C. Anakwue, Felicitas U. Idigo, Raphael C. Anakwue

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 20 , ISSUE 80, 18–23

Research Article | 30-March-2018

Cartilaginous compression of the liver – clinical and ultrasonographic aspects

IntroductionThe musculocartilaginous complex is a structure composed of cartilaginous, osseous and muscular elements, which is located at the thoracoabdominal junction, at the level of the right costal arch.AimTo determine the ultrasonographic characteristics of this complex under normal conditions as well as to demonstrate its effects on the liver depending on the constitutional body built, respiratory phase and patient’s body position.Materials and methodsAll abdominal ultrasound scans were

Andrzej Smereczyński, Katarzyna Kołaczyk

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 18 , ISSUE 72, 9–15

Review | 30-June-2017

Detailed EFSUM recommendations on the scope of ultrasound assessment in patients with portal hypertension considering the diagnostic reference level

outpatient clinics, performed by specialist private practice physicians, radiologists, gastroenterologists and hepatologists; top class (premium) digital ultrasound scanner should be available at physician’s disposal. Third reference level: ultrasound assessments performed in gastroenterology, hepatology and liver surgery departments as well as their specialist outpatient clinics; physicians should use top class digital ultrasound equipment. At every reference level, physicians performing abdominal

Andrzej Smereczyński, Katarzyna Kołaczyk

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 17 , ISSUE 69, 113–115

Original Paper | 10-August-2017

Difficulties in differentiating the nature of ascites based on ultrasound imaging

diagnosis was based on cytological and histopathological findings were evaluated between 2005 and 2015. Abdominal ultrasound was performed to detect the presence of fluid in all accessible spaces, and, additionally, to determine the presence of potential peritoneal tumor implants as well as to evaluate the parietal peritoneum and the greater omentum. Different digital ultrasound machines equipped with 3–6 MHz and linear 7–12 MHz transducers were used in the study. Double-sided Fisher’s

Andrzej Smereczyński, Katarzyna Kołaczyk, Elżbieta Bernatowicz

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 17 , ISSUE 69, 96–100

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