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Article | 31-December-2020

Cold Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia With Auto-Anti-AI Specificity: 51Chromium Studies

A 65-year-old woman was found to have severe autoimmune hemolytic anemia. The patient was group A1, RhoD positive. The direct antiglobulin test was strongly positive with anti-C3 and negative with anti-IgG. The serum contained two distinct IgM antibodies, auto-anti-I and auto-anti-AI. Both were reactive at 22°C. However, the anti-AI also was reactive in saline and in albumin at 37°C. An eluate revealed anti-AI and a weak anti-I. Sequential 51Chromium survival studies were done with

May H. McGinniss, Richard J. Davey, Richard A. Binder, Arthur N. Kales

Immunohematology, Volume 3 , ISSUE 2, 20–22

Article | 01-April-2018

Research on Aorbco Model

relationship among the seeds world, the reality world and the pattern world have been put forward after the position of the digital world (AI) in the human mind structure is discussed. AORBCO model , a formalized method with which the digital world is described has been advanced. The elements of AORBCO model-Agent, Object and Relationship have been defined after the investigation of AI research. It is the conclusion of this paper that AORBCO model is a theoretical basis for integrating the methods used in

Luo Junmin, Lu Wenhua

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 1 , ISSUE 2, 1–19

Short Communication | 15-March-2016

IgG Avidity: an Important Serologic Marker for the Diagnosis of Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus Infection

A total of 52 serum samples from patients with symptoms suggestive of tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) infection and positive IgM and/or IgG antibodies were tested for IgG avidity. Acute/recent TBEV infection was confirmed by low/borderline avidity index (AI) in 94.8% IgM positive/IgG positive samples, while in 5.2% high AI was found indicating persisting IgM antibodies. Majority of IgM negative/IgG positive samples (78.6%) showed high AI consistent with past TBEV infection. However, in

Tatjana Vilibic-Cavlek, Ljubo Barbic, Vladimir Stevanovic, Goranka Petrovic, Gordana Mlinaric-Galinovic

Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 65 , ISSUE 1, 119–121

Article | 11-April-2018

Research on the application of dynamic fuzzy logic in intelligent knowledge base system

With the Big data under the background of artificial intelligence --AI is increasingly popular, the core role of knowledge base system experts in the increasingly emerge, but whether the automatic driving or artificial recognition need to deal with a lot of expert knowledge data AI, and the expert knowledge not only is fuzzy, and has dynamic. This paper from a new perspective, a comprehensive interpretation of the dynamic fuzzy system theory, and the theory of dynamic fuzzy dynamic fuzzy on the

Wang Tao

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 2 , ISSUE 3, 89–92

Research Article | 27-December-2017


The ability to classify distinctive odor pattern for aromatic plants species provides significant impact in food industry especially for herbs. Each herbs species has a unique physicochemical and a distinctive odors. This project emphasizes on the techniques of artificial intelligence (AI) to distinguish distinctive odor pattern for herbs. Neural Network method has been exploited for the classification and optimization of various odor patterns. Based on AI techniques, Neural Network-based

A. Che Soh, K. K.Chow, U. K. Mohammad Yusuf, A. J. Ishak, M. K. Hassan, S. Khamis

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 7 , ISSUE 2, 584–609

Research Article | 01-June-2017



International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 10 , ISSUE 2, 308–326

Review | 09-October-2019

Singapore rare donor program

Ramir Alcantara, Jason Chay, Ai Leen Ang

Immunohematology, Volume 32 , ISSUE 2, 55–56

Article | 31-December-2020


In this investigation, the problem of moving object detection - without any knowledge - is classified. It describes a technique that will allow real-time localization with usage of IR sensors. The proposed algorithm is simplistic, and in the future, it might be implemented into any vehicle, premium or entry level. It is guided by AI that must calculate its next moves in the blink of an eye without user noticing any delays. The main problem of moving object recognition was extraction of proper


Transport Problems, Volume 15 , ISSUE 4, Part 1, 105–116

Article | 11-January-2021

Software TLB Management Method Based on Balanced Binary Tree

Hongyu Chen, Li Zhao, Yuke Zhang, Jian Ai

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 5 , ISSUE 4, 50–57

Letter to Editor | 31-December-2020

Letter to the Editor: Anto-Anti-AI in the Serum of a Patient With Fatal Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

Mary H. McGinniss

Immunohematology, Volume 3 , ISSUE 2, 23–24

Article | 09-April-2018

Design of Multi-channel Temperature Control Inspection System Based on PLC

The temperature control system is widely used in the field of industrial control, such as the boiler’s temperature control system in Steel, chemical plants and thermal power plants. For the requirements of remote centralized management and security monitor in temperature control system, a temperature control inspection system consisted by down-computer clew and up-computer , is designed in this paper. In this system, a programmable logic controller (PLC) is use as up-computer, multiple AI

Bi Xueqin, Zhang Liguang, Ma Xiaohui

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 2 , ISSUE 4, 118–121

research-article | 30-November-2019

Machine-to-machine and cell-to-cell traffic handling using relay and carrier aggregation prioritize on LTE-A PRO network

Vuyo Pana, Vipin Balyan, Ben Groenewald

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 13 , ISSUE 1, 1–9

Article | 01-September-2016


Ai-ying Guo, Mei-hua Xu, Feng Ran, Qi Wang

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 9 , ISSUE 3, 1592–1613

research-article | 08-March-2021

Shear wave elastography detects novel imaging biomarkers of aromatase inhibitor–induced joint pain: a pilot study

Introduction Aromatase inhibitors (AIs) have become first-line standard adjuvant endocrine therapy for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor positive (HR+) breast cancer. Although outcomes have improved compared to tamoxifen(1), AI therapy has been associated with significant, activity-limiting musculoskeletal symptoms including arthralgia, myalgia, and joint stiffness, collectively called AI-associated arthralgias (AIA)(2,3). Among the most commonly reported side effects experienced by

Jessica A. Martinez, Mihra S. Taljanovic, Russell S. Witte, Andres A. Nuncio Zuniga, Betsy C. Wertheim, C. Kent Kwoh, Brian A. Goldstein, Denise J. Roe, Pavani Chalasani

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 21 , ISSUE 84, 1–6

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