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Article | 01-June-2015


The quality of a semantic annotation is typically measured with its averaged class-accuracy value, whose computation requires scarce ground-truth annotations. We observe that humans accumulate knowledge through their vision and believe that the quality of a semantic annotation is proportionally related to its compatibility with the vision-based knowledge. We propose a knowledge-compatibility benchmarker, whose backbone is a regression machine. It takes as input a semantic annotation and the

Vektor Dewanto, Aprinaldi, Zulfikar Ian, Wisnu Jatmiko

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 8 , ISSUE 2, 1284–1312

Review Paper | 26-June-2014

Current knowledge about epilepsy and associated psychosocial conditions

Introduction. Social knowledge about epilepsy has significant influence on shaping attitudes towards people with this disorder. Aim. The aim of the article was to find out an answer to the following question: How does the level of knowledge and perceiving people with epilepsy differ across societies of different countries? Material and methods. We evaluated 30 publications published between 2000 and 2013 on measuring the knowledge about epilepsy and psycho-social functioning of people with

Dorota Talarska, Joanna Stanisławska, Magdalena Strugała, Patrycja Talarska

Journal of Epileptology, Volume 22 , ISSUE 1, 25–36

Article | 06-July-2017


The knowledge-based economy is an economy where knowledge is created, acquired, transmitted and used effectively by businesses, organizations, individuals and communities. It is not narrowly focused on the industries of advanced technology or ICT, but provides a framework for analysing the range of policy options in education, information infrastructure and systems of innovation, which could help contribute to the knowledge economy. The aim of the paper is to analyse spatial differences in the

Iwona Skrodzka

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 17 , ISSUE 2, 281–294

Article | 11-April-2018

Research on the application of dynamic fuzzy logic in intelligent knowledge base system

With the Big data under the background of artificial intelligence --AI is increasingly popular, the core role of knowledge base system experts in the increasingly emerge, but whether the automatic driving or artificial recognition need to deal with a lot of expert knowledge data AI, and the expert knowledge not only is fuzzy, and has dynamic. This paper from a new perspective, a comprehensive interpretation of the dynamic fuzzy system theory, and the theory of dynamic fuzzy dynamic fuzzy on the

Wang Tao

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 2 , ISSUE 3, 89–92

Research paper | 01-September-2014


This paper proposes a knowledge-based model applied to an experimental scale evaporative cane sugar crystallization process, which combines the methods of offline and online knowledge acquisition. Firstly, a data mining method based on rough set theory is utilized to extract information from the large quantity of relevant data obtained in experiment. This method products an offline predictive knowledge. Thereafter, a method for online knowledge learning and self-improvement is put forward

Yanmei Meng, Xian Yu, Haiping He, Zhihong Tang, Xiaochun Wang, Jian Chen

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 7 , ISSUE 3, 942–965

research-article | 28-October-2021

Epilepsy knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and associated factors among primary, post-primary, and secondary school teachers in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

). The school period will significantly impact the child’s quality of life and future adult roles (Williams, 2003). At the global forum, it is estimated that approximately 0.5% of school-age children are affected by epilepsy (Leppick, 2001). School teachers play a central role in determining access to education for students living with epilepsy and may mediate epilepsy-associated stigma (Fernandes et al., 2007). Teachers’ level of knowledge and attitude toward epileptic students can be crucial in

Alfred Anselme Dabilgou, Alassane Dravé, Julie Marie Adeline Kyelem, Naobar Meda, Christian Napon, Kapouné Karfo, Jean Kaboré

Journal of Epileptology, Volume 29 , 33–43

Article | 17-April-2020

Transgressing borders with participatory video technologies: Reflections on creative knowledge production with asylum seekers in Australia

though our aim is to adopt a visual and aesthetic gaze that opens up different perspectives, temporalities and visualities of bordering. These challenges relate to the framing of creative knowledge produced, and our artistic licence that regulates decisions about what footage should be included, and what should be edited out. In attending to minor, mundane, and perhaps unappealing shots of everyday actions that do not fit with the overall visual aesthetic that the final film or video artwork was

Michele Lobo, Kaya Barry

Borderlands, Volume 18 , ISSUE 2, 8–36

Article | 07-May-2018

Advanced Dynamic Autonomous Knowledge Learning Method for Distance Learning

learning goals phenomenon. To this end, in order to solve this problem, we use the basis of ILTMK theory and distributed interactive technology to introduce the active learning factors and propose a dynamic autonomous knowledge learning model and build its model’s simulation running environment and related mechanism. Through simulation experiment, we can verify the effectiveness of the autonomous learning methods.

Yanfang Fu, Xing Li, Xueyao Feng, Jing Ma

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 3 , ISSUE 2, 33–39

Article | 02-April-2019

Indigenous knowledge and early childhood care and education in Ethiopia

The purpose of this research study was to explore the integration of indigenous knowledge and cultural practices in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) programmes in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Vygotsky's (1986) sociocultural theory in combination with Yosso's (2005) community cultural wealth theory served as the conceptual as well as the methodological framework advising the components of this research. This qualitative case study invited perspectives from local parents, teachers

Hawani Negussie, Charles Slater

Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice, Volume 33 , ISSUE 2, 4–16

Article | 20-July-2021

Orthodontic knowledge and referral patterns: a survey of paediatric specialists and general dental practitioners

Introduction: Early diagnosis and referral is essential in order to provide the best orthodontic care. Paediatric specialists (PSs) and general dental practitioners (GDPs) are usually the first dental professionals to diagnose a malocclusion. Aim: To evaluate the knowledge and approach of PSs and GDPs in the management of children in reference to the timing of referral and early orthodontic intervention. Methods: A survey assessed referral patterns and the respondents’ orthodontic

Vered Barzilay, Tal Ratson, Noa Sadan, Nurit Dagon, Nir Shpack

Australasian Orthodontic Journal, Volume 36 , ISSUE 1, 55–61

Article | 12-April-2018

Research and Application of an Intelligent Decision Support System

This paper discusses a new decision-support system that integrates data warehouse, knowledge warehouse and model warehouse. Contrast to the fixed model of the old decision-support system and its limited application, the new system can overcome the shortcoming of the old system efficiently, and also it can simplify model-obtaining and coding. So the new system strengthens the effectiveness, intelligence and efficiency of the decision.

Xiaoqing Zhou, Zhiyong Zhou, Jianqiong Xiao, Jiaxiu Sun

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 2 , ISSUE 3, 141–144

Article | 17-July-2017

The Achievements of Students at the Stages of Education from the Second to Fourth Using Functional Principal Component Analysis

Abstract Significant demographic phenomena can be observed in Poland – the number of school age population is decreasing. It affects higher education since the immediate effect of demographic changes is the drop in the number of students. The analysis of the level of future students’ knowledge also remains an important aspect of the problem. The purpose of the article is to compare the level of knowledge presented by students at the subsequent stages of education in the period 2009-2015. The

Mirosława Sztemberg-Lewandowska

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 18 , ISSUE 1, 139–150

Article | 05-September-2020


Logistics activities are present in different business functions, which is why unified decision making in logistics has a significant effect on the organization of logistics processes in companies. Scientific literature highlights various aspects of logistics decision making, but so far, no survey has been conducted that can accurately illustrate the effect of centralized logistics and the effect of the level of logistics knowledge of employees from other departments on unified decision making

Sebastjan ŠKERLIČ

Transport Problems, Volume 15 , ISSUE 3, 117–126

research-article | 30-November-2019

A Longitudinal Network Analysis of the German Knowledge Economy from 2009 to 2019: Spatio-Temporal Dynamics at the City–Firm Nexus

Introduction Background The knowledge economy strongly affects spatial development in advanced economies. The knowledge economy is characterized by an accelerated pace of technological and scientific advancement, whereby the process of knowledge generation and dissemination and its spatial manifestation move more and more to center stage (van Tuijl and Carvalho 2014). Firms use highly specialized skills and knowledge from different parts of the value chain in order to sustain competitive

Silke Zöllner, Stefan Lüthi, Alain Thierstein

Journal of Social Structure, Volume 21 , ISSUE 1, 107–133

Review | 06-August-2019


significance. Over the last decades, a remarkable body of knowledge has been acquired in the field of cultural landscape knowledge and preservation, thanks also to the efforts of international organizations such as the ICOMOS-International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes. A specific attention was dedicated to the landscapes of 20th Century by scholars, such as S. Wrede and W.H. Adams [2], M. Treib [3], C. Constant [4], T. O’Malley and J. Wolschke-Bulmahn [5], C.A. Birnbau [6, 7] and by

Stefania LANDI

Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment, Volume 12 , ISSUE 2, 47–56

Article | 15-March-2021


The process of describing human activities in procedures has been used since the beginning of the 20th century. However, it is increasingly evident that procedures understood as sets of orders and prohibitions can be counter-productive because they do not allow the proper use of employees’ knowledge and experience. Therefore, it is postulated that guidelines for practice should be co-developed by employees from the ‘sharp end’ of the organization, but there are no simple

Piotr SMOCZYŃSKI, Adrian GILL, Mateusz MOTYL, Artur BABIAK

Transport Problems, Volume 16 , ISSUE 1, 153–164

research-article | 30-November-2018

Structural and Contextual Patterns in Family Health History Knowledge among African American Adults: A Mixed-Methods Social Network Analysis Study*

, daughter) diagnosed with breast cancer doubles an individuals’ risk of developing breast cancer, and this risk is increased by five times if an individual has/had two first degree relatives with diagnoses (, 2018). Importance and Utility of FHH Knowledge A variety of benefits have been associated with having increased knowledge about one’s FHH. When FHH information is shared, family members are informed about health problems and possibly even risk behaviors related to those health

Sula M. Hood, Elizabeth H. Golembiewski, Hadyatoullaye Sow, Kyle Benbow, Jeremy Prather, Lisa D. Robison, Elisabeth Martin-Hagler

Journal of Social Structure, Volume 20 , ISSUE 3, 96–118

Article | 11-March-2021

Sovereign Futures in Neshnabé Speculative Fiction

, are examples of Indigenous speculative fiction, blending the everyday lived realities of Neshnabé people with elements of fantasy and magic. With these themes in mind, I use the term, ‘Indigenous science fiction’ to refer to: ‘Indigenous-made speculative film, art, video games, literature, and oral storytelling that draws from autochthonous knowledge systems to envision and convey alternative futurisms and pasts to mainstream ones with Indigenous communities at the forefront of this imaginary


Borderlands, Volume 19 , ISSUE 2, 29–62

Article | 10-June-2019


Małgorzata Woźniak, Anna Gałązka

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology, Volume 58 , ISSUE 1, 59–69

Article | 23-April-2021

Promotion to leadership, not just merit, but insider knowledge: What do school principals say?

transcribed to elicit in-depth qualitative information regarding their most common attitudes to merit selection practice. These informed the design and structure of an online survey that was subsequently completed by a diverse range of principals throughout NSW. Principal interviewees were selected in the full knowledge that given the time-consuming nature of their work (Darmody & Smyth, 2016), they would be reluctant to make time to be interviewed by an unknown researcher. In order to address that

Kevin Steed, John De Nobile, Manjula Waniganayake

Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice, Volume 36 , 1–21

research-article | 28-November-2019

Intuition & the Expert Neuroscience Nurse

Introduction: Foreknowledge is formed by theory, principles and prior experience. Expert nurses or advanced practice nurses, foster intuitive knowledge, an understanding without rationale. It is based on background understanding, skilled clinical observation and is related to the theoretical structure of nursing through the concept of pattern. Pattern involves consideration of the total person– environment interaction. It is central to several theorists including Rogers, Newman and Parse

Vicki Evans

Australasian Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 29 , ISSUE 2, 5–10

Review Article | 30-March-2018

Current knowledge on the use of ultrasound measurements of fetal soft tissues for the assessment of pregnancy development

Aleksandra Warska, Anna Maliszewska, Anna Wnuk, Beata Szyszka, Włodzimierz Sawicki, Krzysztof Cendrowski

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 18 , ISSUE 72, 50–55

research-article | 02-November-2021


concerns. This article covers the knowledge work I think is needed to re-think the environment and its management in line with Indigenous leadership. It reflects what I have found insightful and is limited by what I find easiest and most interesting to hear and understand. This knowledge work is not purely for edification; it is motivated by establishing more just terms for both nature and peoples. To cite Aymara and European scholar-activist Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, decolonizing knowledge decolonizes


Borderlands, Volume 20 , ISSUE 1, 171–206

Article | 17-February-2021

May the FORS be with you: a system sequel

action at the health center in Lund, often called “the seaman’s home in Lund” thanks to his clientele, who often came from Skåne’s port cities. Source: The South Swedish Society for the History of Medicine. The GBGT1 Gene and Its Alleles The knowledge about different alleles in the FORS blood group system was extended by extraction of blood group gene data from the whole genome sequences accessible through Erythrogene,7 which is based on data from the third and final phase of the 1000 Genomes

A.K. Hult, M.L. Olsson

Immunohematology, Volume 36 , ISSUE 1, 14–18

Article | 24-March-2021


Bacillaceae [77]. Although an increasing number of studies widen the knowledge about thanatomicrobiome changes, it is worth noticing that scientists discover some differences related to illnesses or sex. For instance, Bell et al. [5] proved differences between the thanatomicrobiomes in male and female heart samples [53], taken from 10 cadavers and analyzed 6–58 h since death [Table III]. In male hearts, most abundant phyla was Firmicutes, while in females Proteobacteria predominated, Bacteroidetes was in

Joanna Wójcik, Marcin Tomsia, Artur Drzewiecki, Rafał Skowronek

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology, Volume 60 , ISSUE 1, 21–29

Research paper | 27-December-2017

A robotic arm to sort different types of ball bearings from the knowledge discovered by size measurements of image regions and RFID support

Nicola Ivan Giannoccaro, Luigi Spedicato, Aimè Lay-Ekuakille

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 7 , ISSUE 2, 674–700

Review | 06-December-2020

Review: the Lutheran system-1991

The Lutheran blood group system, comprised of 18 antigens with four pairs of alleles at closely linked Ioci, is complex This article outlines current knowledge of the Lutheran system with special reference to recent serologic, immunochemical and clinical findings.

Joyce Poole

Immunohematology, Volume 8 , ISSUE 1, 1–8

original-paper | 26-January-2021

Attitudes of professionally active adults towards patients with epilepsy. Pilot study

BACKGROUND The attitude is reflected in the tendency to react in a certain way to a given stimulus (Mishra, 2018). This can be an object, an animal or a person, e.g. a person with epilepsy. Moreover, the stimulus is a result of three elements: knowledge, emotions and behaviour. The cognitive component refers to beliefs, the affective component represents the emotions the observed subject evokes, whereas the behavioural component represents our actions performed as a result of the two previous

Dorota Talarska, Patrycja Talarska, Marlena Szewczyczak, Magdalena Strugała, Kinga Siwek, Joanna Siwek, Dorota Ryszewska-Łabędzka

Journal of Epileptology, Volume 28 , 27–33

Research Article | 06-July-2018

Primary Teachers’ Perceptions of the Social and Emotional Aspects of Gifted and Talented Education

talented children. Teachers expressed positive attitudes towards gifted and talented children while acknowledging their lack of personal knowledge about gifted and talented education. The findings also identified teachers’ frustrations at barriers affecting their ability to support gifted and talented children’s social and emotional needs in their classroom programmes, including limited personal knowledge and skills, lack of professional development, lack of time to spend with gifted and

Vicki Needham

Apex, Volume 17 , ISSUE 1, 18–35

Article | 01-April-2020

Human platelet alloantigen systems in three Chinese ethnic populations

Knowledge of the prevalence of human platelet antigens (HPA) in different populations is important for effective diagnosis and management of immune-mediated platelet disorders. The purpose of this study was to determine HPA gene frequencies in the majority Han ethnic population of China and in ethnic She and Tajik minority populations. Using PCR sequence specific primers,HPA1, -2, -3, -4, -5, and -6, we determined genotypes for ethnic Han,She, and Tajik blood donors. HPA gene frequencies for

Lixing Yan, Faming Zhu, J He, S. Gerald Sandler

Immunohematology, Volume 22 , ISSUE 1, 6–10

Article | 05-September-2021

Robust Bayesian insurance premium in a collective risk model with distorted priors under the generalised Bregman loss

The article presents a collective risk model for the insurance claims. The objective is to estimate a premium, which is defined as a functional specified up to unknown parameters. For this purpose, the Bayesian methodology, which combines the prior knowledge about certain unknown parameters with the knowledge in the form of a random sample, has been adopted. The generalised Bregman loss function is considered. In effect, the results can be applied to numerous loss functions, including the

Agata Boratyńska

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 22 , ISSUE 3, 123–140

research-article | 30-November-2018

First report of Mesocriconema sphaerocephalum (Taylor, 1936) Loof, 1989 associated with carrot (Daucus carota subsp. Stativus) in Vietnam

, 1989 on carrot in Hanoi city and Hai Duong province in Vietnam. Mesocriconema sphaerocephalum was found on 10% of 130 soil samples. Density of this nematode was up to 45 individuals/250 g soil. To our knowledge, this is the first report of M. sphaerocephalum on carrot. Materials and methods Nematodes were extracted from soil samples using modified Baermann tray method (Whitehead and Hemming, 1965). For morphological characterizations, permanent slides of nematodes were observed through the Carl

Thi Duyen Nguyen, Huu Tien Nguyen, Thi Mai Linh Le, Thi Tuyet Thu Tran, Neriza Nobleza, Quang Phap Trinh

Journal of Nematology, Volume 51 , 1–4

Review Article | 31-March-2017

Mistakes in the ultrasound diagnostics of the abdominal cavity in pediatrics

The diagnostics of the abdominal cavity in children, especially in the neonatal-infantile period, requires knowledge in the field of anatomical and physiopathological differences as well as clinical symptomatology and pathology at every stage of the child’s development. Errors and mistakes in ultrasound diagnostics of the abdominal cavity in children result from many factors, including lack of experience in examining children and the knowledge concerning most frequent ailments and pathologies

Agnieszka Brodzisz

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 17 , ISSUE 68, 66–72

Research Article | 17-October-2018

Effective and efficient committee work: A Systematic overview of multidisciplinary literatures

characteristics of effective chairing. Committee performance depends upon the individuals involved, their attributes and relationships; and the time available for a committee to explore their knowledge to make choices or solve problems. In general, groups with six to twelve members tend to perform better than those in either smaller or larger groups, especially when relying on virtual communication. Diverse groups take account of a range of opinions and enhance credibility and widespread acceptance and

Sandy Oliver, Katie Hollingworth, Rob Briner, Catherine Swann, Kate Hinds, Chris Roche

Evidence Base, Volume 2018 , ISSUE 2, 1–21

Research Article | 20-December-2018

Adaptation to Climate change in Farming Communities: Observations from two Research Projects in South Australia

in which information about risks from various sources, including climate change, is shared. Farmers respond to these risks, not only based on their own knowledge of land management on their farm, but also through advice generated within a community of practice. This is distinct from information supplied by formal institutions such as State Government departments. Farmers’ responses to risk are essentially short-term and directed at specific farm-based practices. Implications for the nature

Guy M. Robinson

South Australian Geographical Journal, Volume 114 , ISSUE 1, 43–58

Research Article | 01-December-2017

Dwipa Ontology III: Implementation of Ontology Method Enrichment on Tourism Domain

successfully done by population to object / sample. The method used in this research is ontology enrichment method. This technique or method is used to show background knowledge (ontology) by adding new concepts and relationships through the extraction process. The enrichment process is done on semi-automated web document (corpus). The process using statistics and linguistics, by applying evaluation techniques by using reviewers in the field of tourism. The end result of Dwipa Ontology III (enriched

Guson Prasamuarso Kuntarto, Irwan Prasetya Gunawan, Fahmi L. Moechtar, Yudhiansyah Ahmadin, Berkah I. Santoso

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 10 , ISSUE 4, 903–919

Research Article


The research on similarity between bacteria in outbreak investigations enables the identification of bacterial strain responsible for infections, their source and modes of transmission. These investigations are also necessary for the analysis of spreading of bacteria, not only locally, e.g. in a hospital in a specific country, but also internationally and globally. Therefore, it is of great importance to have the most up to date knowledge regarding different methods used in bacterial typing

Marcin Brzozowski, Paweł Kwiatkowski, Joanna Jursa-Kulesza, Danuta Kosik-Bogacka

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology, Volume 56 , ISSUE 3, 353–366

research-article | 05-July-2019

Abstracts of the 2018 Dutch Mobility Conference

The Dutch Mobility Conference was held in Zeist, The Netherlands on the November 30, 2018 and attended by over 250 Dutch-speaking O&M instructors. Organized by Koninklijke Visio, Bartimeus and De Robert Coppes Stichting, the aim of the conference was to share knowledge, new points of view and to socialize. The following abstracts were presented as presentations and workshops at the conference. Navigating blindly Workshop by Steven Dekker Now-a-days navigating is easier than ever. You take

Marcus Boerdijk

International Journal of Orientation & Mobility, Volume 10 , ISSUE 1, 1–4

Article | 02-April-2019

Data- and research-informed improvement work in ECE

is based on the core idea that it takes a collective effort and widely distributed leadership to ensure the well-being and learning of all children. Additionally, the approach rests on the hypothesis that the use of evidence assists ECEC services to accomplish goals of high-quality learning environments, and  the improvement work can drive efforts to use knowledge from data and research. Consequently, in this approach, data- and research-based knowledge is used as an essential indicator of

Line Skov Hansen

Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice, Volume 33 , ISSUE 1, 70–81

Research Article

Inter-Firm Social Networks Created by Mobile Laborers: A Case Study on Siteler in Ankara

Labor mobility, both as a mechanism of knowledge diffusion and as a kind of social glue that holds together small production communities operative within a given territory, deserves serious consideration. In this context, focusing on a specific industrial cluster in Ankara, this paper reveals the extent and characteristics of the social networks created by the mobile laborers in order to understand the interconnections between social context, knowledge spillovers, innovation and labor mobility

Burak Beyhan

Journal of Social Structure, Volume 12 , ISSUE 1, 1–33

Article | 18-March-2018


Short description of higher education study programme creation and evaluation process is stated. The study pointed out the difficulties of up-dating study programmes in connection with innovative technology trends in the relevant field of knowledge. Blockchain technology and Internet of Things as emerging digitalization trends in logistics and transport are considered together with three relevant bachelor study programmes. The first proposal of innovation inclusion in study programmes is

Genadijs GROMOVS, Mika LAMMI

Transport Problems, Volume 12 , ISSUE SE, 23–34

research-article | 21-October-2020

First report of southern root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita, infecting Brassica nigra in Peru

were well maintained under greenhouse conditions at 25 ± 3°C. After 60 days, the inoculated plants exhibited galled root systems similar to plants observed in the field, with a nematode reproduction factor (final population/initial population) of 23.5. The non-inoculated plants did not exhibit any galls. The morphological and molecular characterization of this root-knot nematode were identical to those of M. incognita. To our knowledge, this is the first report of M. incognita parasitizing Brassica

Jorge Airton Gómez-Chatata, Juan José Tamo-Zegarra, Teodocia Gloria Casa-Ruiz, Cristiano Bellé

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–3

Article | 31-December-2020


the demand for transport in Bielsko-Biała. It also presents the analysis and evaluation of the results of the author's studies (own research). These studies included knowledge and behaviors that generate demand for city transport. Analysis of these data allows to conclude that there is no simple relationship between the level of knowledge of travelers about their impact of congestion and shaping the demand for transport, and their balanced behavior in the context of urban mobility


Transport Problems, Volume 15 , ISSUE 4, Part 2, 191–201

Research Article | 15-February-2020

Radio Interferometric Object Tracking

This paper proposes a novel object tracking method using radio interferometry. The proposed low cost solution is able to track objects, equipped with a radio receiver, in real time, using only simple infrastructure nodes with radio transceivers at fixed and known locations. The localization method has low computational requirements and does not require any preliminary knowledge of, or measurements in the space where tracking is performed. The paper introduces the novel method and preliminary

Gergely Zachár, Gyula Simon, Miklós Maróti

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 7 , ISSUE 5, 1–6

Review | 14-October-2020

Review: Biochemistry of carbohydrate blood group antigens

This review presents the basics of the structural chemistry of blood group glycoconjugates,with special reference to red cell serology. Its aim is to create an appreciation of the inherent subtleties of the carbohydrate blood group antigens, which are currently poorly understood within the field of blood transfusion. It is hoped that a better understanding of the intricacies of the carbohydrate blood group systems will lead to further contributions to the body of knowledge within this growing

Lissa G. Gilliver, Stephen M. Henry

Immunohematology, Volume 19 , ISSUE 2, 33–42

Article | 16-February-2021

Workshop on the clinical significance of red blood cell alloantibodies organized by the Working Party on Immunohaematology of the International Society of Blood Transfusion

understanding of the current information available about blood group alloantibodies and identify areas where enhanced knowledge is needed. To exchange practical experience and promote technical networking among the participants. The morning session began with an exploration of the definition of a clinically significant alloantibody. Current literature data and various published definitions about the clinical significance of a RBC alloantibody were presented. Small groups brainstormed the most appropriate

T. Peyrard

Immunohematology, Volume 35 , ISSUE 3, 105–107

Review | 13-September-2016

Standards of the Polish Ultrasound Society. Ultrasound examination of the portal system and hepatic vessels

reference centers). The diagnostic value of ultrasonography largely depends on the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and clinical aspects as well as on the mastering of the scanning technique. In the hands of an experienced physician, it is an accurate and highly effective diagnostic tool;it is of little use otherwise. The paper presents elements of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology which make the portal system exceptional and the knowledge of which is crucial and indispensable for

Robert Lechowicz, Michał Elwertowski

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 15 , ISSUE 61, 208–226

Article | 09-August-2018


and some of them are clearly near collapse. This reality is justified, among others, by the non-engineered character of this construction technology and subsequent loss through time of the associated empirical technical knowledge, consequently, conservation and repairing works are urgently needed. These aspects, added to the dearth of knowledge related to this building heritage have motivated this research work which is focused on studying the nails traditionally applied in those tabique buildings

Rui Cardoso, Jorge Pinto, João Carlos Lanzinha

Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment, Volume 9 , ISSUE 1, 59–70

research-article | 28-November-2019

Barriers and Facilitators to End of Life Care in Huntington’s Disease – A review of the literature

culminating in severe incapacity prior to death, which is usually 10 -20 years after symptom onset (Nance et al., 2011). Despite differences in age of death and length of illness reported in the literature, HD does consistently result in a reduced life span. The advanced stage of HD has not been extensively studied, resulting in limited knowledge regarding best practice EoL care for people with HD and their families (Rodrigues et al., 2017). Late Stage/Advanced HD: The disease trajectory in HD is

Ruth Hosken

Australasian Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 29 , ISSUE 2, 33–42

Case report | 06-December-2020

Immune-mediated hemolysis in a postoperative patient Case report: anti-U and differential diagnosis

We present the differential diagnosis for a Coombs-positive immune hemolysis having onset during hospitalization and, in particular, during the postoperative period. The stimulus for this article was a delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction (DHTR) due to anti-U following open-heart surgery. The initial clinical and serologic findings led us to consider other causes of immune hemolysis which are reviewed in this article. To our knowledge, this is the fourth case of a DHTR due to anti-U to be

Gnanasagren Sathaseevan Pillay, Betty Womack, S. Gerald Sandler

Immunohematology, Volume 9 , ISSUE 2, 41–46

research-article | 30-November-2020

First report of rice root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne graminicola, infecting Juncus microcephalus in Brazil

impacts the survival of Meloidogyne spp. in agricultural fields, while the negative potential of weeds species on commercial crops is exacerbated when they become phytoparasite hopers. However, based on the knowledge of M. graminicola polyphagia and its host range, effective strategies can be devised in the management of this pathogen, reducing the damage caused to commercial crops. Finally, the reduction of agricultural losses caused by weeds and nematodes can be minimized with the integrated

Cristiano Bellé, Paulo Sergio dos Santos, Tiago Edu Kaspary

Journal of Nematology, Volume 53 , 1–4

Research Article | 30-March-2017


Summary. This paper describes guidelines and recommendations for emergencies and incidents on inland waterways. It also provides a review of existing knowledge of an LNG incident that occurred along the European inland waterway corridors. The article also reports on the latest progress in incident guidelines and describes the tools for port authorities to control credible scenarios produced by human or technical failures. This paper aims to analyse the risks that occur during transportation of


Transport Problems, Volume 12 , ISSUE 1, 73–81

Research Article | 01-June-2017


, eye blink frequency increased. Knowledge of this relationship provides a technique using EDA to objectively determining a subject’s visual attention status.

Tsugunosuke Sakai, Haruya Tamaki, Yosuke Ota, Ryohei Egusa, Shigenori Inagaki, Fusako Kusunoki, Masanori Sugimoto, Hiroshi Mizoguchi

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 10 , ISSUE 2, 296–307

research-article | 27-May-2019

First report of the dagger nematode Xiphinema pachtaicum on onion in Morocco

BLAST search in the database. The comparison revealed 99 to 100% similarity, with sequence corresponding to X. pachtaicum and 97% or less sequence similarity with other Xiphinema spp. To our knowledge, this is the first report of X. pachtaicum parasitizing onion in Morocco.

Fouad Mokrini, Abdelfattah Dababat

Journal of Nematology, Volume 51 , 1–2

Research Article | 21-May-2019


, therefore the changes to the antibiotic resistance patterns in these bacteria should be monitored. This study summarizes the current knowledge about the bacteria of Bacteroides species.

Sebastian Niestępski, Monika Harnisz, Ewa Korzeniewska, Adriana Osińska, Bartłomiej Dziuba

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology, Volume 56 , ISSUE 1, 67–76

Article | 04-November-2019


In 2018, there was an empirical research conducted in passengers' interest in innovative methods of passenger handling within passenger transport in the Slovak Republic. The research determined the knowledge of passengers regarding new methods, namely, NFC technologies, EMV technologies and ABT technologies. The article defines the methodology of choosing an electronic payment system within public transport, followed by partial results of research multicriteria evaluation of alternatives


Transport Problems, Volume 14 , ISSUE 3, 135–144

research-article | 24-April-2020

First report of southern root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita, infecting pomegranate, Punica granatum, in Peru

Ricardo Andreé Vega-Callo, María Yaquelin Mendoza-Lima, Nataly Ruth Mamani-Mendoza, Leslie Sharon Lozada-Villanueva, Juan José Tamo-Zegarra, Teodocia Gloria Casa-Ruiz, Cristiano Bellé

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–3

research-article | 30-March-2020

First report of the sting nematode Belonolaimus longicaudatus infecting bermudagrass in Barbados

throughout the Atlantic coastal plain from Virginia to Florida. Outlier populations have been reported from Mexico and Central America. Reports from Bermuda, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico apparently refer to golf courses where infected turf was imported from the USA (Perry and Rhoades, 1982). In addition to turfgrasses, it also damages soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.), cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L), corn (Zea mays L), strawberry (Fragaria x annanasa Duch.) and citrus. To our knowledge, this is the first

P. Mc Groary, W. Ye, E. Nangle

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–2

research-article | 21-October-2020

Chenopodium album is a weed host of Meloidogyne incognita (Nematoda: Meloidogynidae) in Peru

for environmental resources, and allelopathy increase the ability of C. album to cause damage to crops (Raimondi et al., 2010). It is also important to note that the management of this host species is very difficult due to their extensive germination period, rapid growth, and seed viability (Heap, 2020). Thus, the difficulty in controlling C. album increases the complexity of M. incognita management in agricultural areas. However, from the knowledge of M. incognita polyphagous nature and its host

Jorge Airton Gómez-Chatata, Teodocia Gloria Casa-Ruiz, Juan José Tamo-Zegarra, Cristiano Bellé

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–4

Article | 14-October-2020

A review of the Knops blood group: separating fact from fallacy

It has been more than 10 years since the topic of “high-titer, lowavidity” (HTLA) antibodies was reviewed in Immunohematology. We have learned a lot about these antibodies in the past 10 years and that knowledge has helped us to understand some of the unusual characteristics of these antibodies. Furthermore, it has helped us to name and delineate the various associated blood group systems. Although we will begin with a general review of HTLAs, this manuscript will focus on the

Joann M. Moulds

Immunohematology, Volume 18 , ISSUE 1, 1–8

minireview | 21-June-2021

Emerging Applications of Bacteriocins as Antimicrobials, Anticancer Drugs, and Modulators of The Gastrointestinal Microbiota


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 70 , ISSUE 2, 143–159

Research Article | 22-May-2019


Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic relationship between living cells of the roots of higher plants and non-pathogenic fungi which inhabit soil and belong to Glomeromycota (endomycorrhizae) and Basidiomycota, Ascomycota (ectomycorrhizae). Although the phenomenon of mycorrhiza was discovered by a Polish botanist F.D. Kamieński already in 1881, various stages of establishing the symbiotic relationship between the partners are still not fully understood and explained. According to the current knowledge, the

Katarzyna Jas, Urszula Małolepsza

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology, Volume 56 , ISSUE 3, 275–281

Article | 28-August-2018


The paper is the first, introductory part to the description of an interdisciplinary research project in the modernization of laboratories at The Faculty of Civil Engineering, The Silesian University of Technology. The scope of the paper is to disseminate the current state of knowledge of ergonomics and issues involved in the technology of laboratory processes, describing the methodology of experiments carried out in geotechnical laboratories, their equipment and spatial requirements in view of


Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment, Volume 10 , ISSUE 2, 35–41

research-article | 30-November-2018

First report of Meloidogyne javanica (Nematoda: Meloidogynidae) infecting Scoparia dulcis, a medicinal plant in Brazil

Cristiano Bellé, Rodrigo Ferraz Ramos, Andressa Lima de Brida, Tiago Edu Kaspary

journal of nematology, Volume 51 , 1–3

research-article | 31-August-2020

First report of potato rot nematode, Ditylenchus destructor Thorne, 1945 infecting Codonopsis pilosula in Gansu province, China

. destructor was isolated from inoculated plants, with population densities ranging from 52 to 101 mixed-stage nematode per 1g of fresh roots. The control plants remained healthy. To our knowledge, this is the first report that D. destructor on C. pilosula. By now, D. destructor damaged on angelica and potato in Gansu province (Wang et al., 1990; Li et al., 2016). Since C. pilosula is an important cash crop in Gansu province (Bi et al., 2008), more attentions should be paid to D. destructor on C

Chunhui Ni, Shuling Zhang, Huixia Li, Yonggang Liu, Wenhao Li, Xuefen Xu, Zhipeng Xu

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–2

research-article | 30-November-2020

First report of Mesocriconema sphaerocephalum (Taylor, 1936) Loof, 1989 associated with wild grass in Botswana

nematodes of the natural areas of Botswana, M. sphaerocephalum (Loof, 1989; Taylor, 1936) was recovered from the wild grass in Botswana. Specimens were collected at the North-West District of Botswana (S 20° 8′24.882″, E 21° 12′45.475″) from the rhizosphere of wild grass plants. To our knowledge, this is the first report of M. sphaerocephalum from Botswana. Materials and methods Nematode extraction, processing, and LM pictures The specimens were extracted using the tray method and were fixed with a

Ebrahim Shokoohi

Journal of Nematology, Volume 53 , 1–5

Article | 30-September-2021


This article deals with the problem of new threats that appear in areas that have not been affected by them so far. The considerations concern asymmetric threats and the railway system. The analysis of this issue was carried out on the basis of general information on the problem of asymmetric threats and the knowledge of the railway system, its operation and identified threats that can be attributed to the characteristics of asymmetric threats. The aim of the article is to draw attention to new


Transport Problems, Volume 16 , ISSUE 3, 131–140

research-article | 30-November-2020

Report of the Parana coffee root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne paranaensis (Tylenchida: Meloidogynidae) from Caladium sp. in the continental United States

a mixture of two root-knot nematode species: the Parana coffee root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne paranaensis (Carneiro et al., 1996) and the peanut root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne arenaria (Neal, 1889) Chitwood, 1949. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first report of M. paranaensis in the continental United States. Meloidogyne paranaensis was first described in 1996 in the state of Paraná, Brazil (Carneiro et al., 1996; Campos and Vallain, 2005). This species is considered as one of the

Sergei A. Subbotin, Julie Burbridge

Journal of Nematology, Volume 53 , 1–6

Article | 01-June-2015


This paper investigates the problem of running gait optimization for humanoid robot. In order to reduce energy consumption and guarantee the dynamic balance including both horizontal and vertical stability, a novel running gait generation based on opposition-based learning particle swarm optimization (PSO) is proposed which aims at high energy efficiency with better stability. In the proposed scheme of running gait generation, a population initiation policy based on domain knowledge is employed

Liang Yang, Song Xijia, Chunjian Deng

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 8 , ISSUE 2, 1162–1179

Article | 01-December-2016


In underwater target detection, because the acoustic environment of the shallow sea is extremely complex, the acoustic detection is becoming more and more difficult. A deployment algorithm of heterogeneous sensor network based on joint probabilistic sensing model is proposed which combine the acoustic detection and magnetic detection to detect underwater targets. Expert system knowledge is used to achieve the deployment of acoustic magnetic underwater sensor network which base on the normal

ZHANG Ju-Wei, WANG Yu, Wang Ya-le

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 9 , ISSUE 4, 2149–2166

abstract | 05-October-2018

Exploring the dualism of vision – visual function and functional vision

, professionals must hold a sound knowledge of the complex nature of vision, understanding how vision is assessed and reported, and be ready to apply this knowledge to all areas of practice. Building this knowledge begins with an awareness of two key entities ̶ visual function and functional vision, and the critical intersection between the two that supports an understanding of how a person sees. To assist with building knowledge of the sense of vision, this paper presents a review of the professional

Susan Silveira

International Journal of Orientation & Mobility, Volume 10 , ISSUE 1, 1–10

research-article | 30-November-2018

First Report of Scutellonema brachyurus (Steiner, 1938) Andrassy, 1958 and Occurrence of Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White, 1919) Chitwood, 1949 in Belgium

Huu Tien Nguyen, Quang Phap Trinh, Marjolein Couvreur, Phougeishangbam Rolish Singh, Wilfrida Decraemer, Wim Bert

journal of nematology, Volume 51 , 1–6

research-article | 30-November-2020

Morphological and molecular characterization of Bitylenchus hispaniensis (Nematoda: Telotylenchidae) from Iran

Abbas Abdolkhani, Sedighe Azimi

Journal of Nematology, Volume 53 , 1–10

Research Article | 24-May-2019


Antibiotics are widely used medicines in the treatment of infectious diseases. However, some of them show also non-antibiotic properties, which are increasingly used in the treatment of non-infectious diseases. The authors of this publication believe that this is one of the reasons behind antibiotic dissemination in the environment and, ipso facto, behind the increasing risk of bacterial resistance. It is worth remembering that, along with the progress in science and better knowledge of the new

Maciej Danielewski, Dorota Ksiądzyna, Adam Szeląg

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology, Volume 57 , ISSUE 4, 301–312

research-article | 30-November-2019

Oral Care for Neuroscience patients in New Zealand – A national survey

(Chan & Ng., 2012; Perrie & Scribante., 2011; Saddki et al., 2014; Soh et al., 2011). Binkley et al. (2004) carried out a large quantitative survey (n = 556) which had face and content validity, was developed by a research team and conducted in 421 intensive care units in the United States. Twenty-seven questions using the five-point likert scale examined attitudes, knowledge and belief, types and frequency of care provided, training and hospital provision within their questionnaire. Three studies

Caroline Woon

Australasian Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 30 , ISSUE 1, 10–22

Research Article | 30-March-2017


Summary. The challenge in vehicle and crew scheduling is to arrange a given set of bus trips into running boards while minimizing certain objectives and complying with a given set of constraints. This scheduling was solved several tens years ago manually by a dispatcher who used his skill, experience, knowledge of history, and intuition. This attitude worked quite well in small instances but could not be applied in larger ones. Development of computers brought opportunities to build

Stanislav PALÚCH, Tomáš MAJER

Transport Problems, Volume 12 , ISSUE 1, 103–110

Review | 22-August-2018

The gut microbiota in neuropsychiatric disorders

The purpose of this review is to summarize current knowledge about the gut microbiota in neuropsychiatric disorders. It is estimated that the human gut is colonized by up to 1018 microorganisms, mostly anaerobic bacteria. The gut microbiome is responsible for multiple functions, e.g. tightness of the intestine barrier, digestion and absorption. The correlation between gut dysbiosis and development of psychiatric, autoimmune and allergic diseases as well as bidirectional communication between

Marta Grochowska, Marcin Wojnar, Marek Radkowski

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 78 , ISSUE 2, 69–81

Article | 01-April-2018

Improving Protection and Security Awareness Amongst Home User

survey has been conducted to get an overview of the user’s perception about Internet security and their knowledge. Some suggestions are also given which would help to create awareness about Internet security in home users.

Muhammad Farhan, Muhammed Fazil Ali, Sajid Ahmed Khan, Syed Shaji Ul hassan

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 1 , ISSUE 1, –

Article | 01-April-2018

Improving Protection and Security Awareness Amongst Home User

survey has been conducted to get an overview of the user’s perception about Internet security and their knowledge. Some suggestions are also given which would help to create awareness about Internet security in home users.

Muhammad Farhan, Muhammed Fazil Ali, Sajid Ahmed Khan, Syed Shaji Ul hassan

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 1 , ISSUE 1, –

case-report | 28-June-2019

Sonographic appearance of angiomyofibroblastoma-like tumor of the scrotum

tumors have been reported in small series of patients and in few case reports(2), the majority being in the inguinal region, but the condition has received little attention in the imaging literature. We present an unusual case of AMF-like tumor of the scrotum. To the best of our knowledge, the sonographic appearance of this tumor in the scrotum has been reported previously in only one case(1). Case report A 64-year-old man became aware of a painless, scrotal mass that was slowly enlarging, and was

Tamar Kass, David Cohen, Paul Gottlieb, Simon Strauss

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 19 , ISSUE 77, 158–160

case-report | 28-June-2019

A developmental variant of the thyroid cartilage

Sanaa Jamali, Etienne Danse

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 19 , ISSUE 77, 171–172

research-article | 28-February-2020

Academic Collaboration via Resource Contributions: An Egocentric Dataset

in conducting experiments, respectively. Unequal distribution of these resources across academic community and the necessity of pooling them to get ahead in contemporary science results in incentives to collaborate. Current state of knowledge still lacks a universally accepted behavioral understanding of the scientific process, let alone standardized tools for measuring academically relevant resources. Hence, we conducted a qualitative study among Polish scientists with the goal to: collect

Michał Bojanowski,, Dominika Czerniawska, Wojciech Fenrich

Connections, Volume 39 , ISSUE 1, 1–6

research-article | 17-June-2020

Academic Collaboration via Resource Contributions: An Egocentric Dataset

in conducting experiments, respectively. Unequal distribution of these resources across academic community and the necessity of pooling them to get ahead in contemporary science results in incentives to collaborate. Current state of knowledge still lacks a universally accepted behavioral understanding of the scientific process, let alone standardized tools for measuring academically relevant resources. Hence, we conducted a qualitative study among Polish scientists with the goal to: collect

Michał Bojanowski,, Dominika Czerniawska, Wojciech Fenrich

Connections, Volume 40 , ISSUE 1, 25–30

short-communication | 05-August-2020

In vitro Antagonistic Activity of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Shirazi Thyme (Zataria multiflora Boiss.) against Monosporascus cannonballus

± 0.00d 2.08 ± 0.00f Control (water) 0.65 ± 0.01f 0.67 ± 0.00e 0.71 ± 0.01g Data shown correspond to mean of three replications ± the standard deviation. Values in columns followed by different letters indicate significant differences according to the Tukey’s test (p < 0.05). To our knowledge, this study is the first to report in vitro inhibitory activity of fungal endophytes isolated from Z. multiflora against M. cannonballus. Further studies are needed to evaluate the potential of these


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 69 , ISSUE 3, 379–383

Review | 16-October-2019

A review of in vitro methods to predict the clinical significance of red blood cell alloantibodies

Limitations. Each section contains a brief review of selected literature and experiential knowledge. Case reports are needed to collect data on current outcomes of incompatible transfusion. The ISBT Working Party on Rare Donors has developed a form to capture case-specific information.

Sandra J. Nance

Immunohematology, Volume 34 , ISSUE 1, 11–15

Research Article | 30-March-2017


Summary. Warehousing is a labour-intensive process, requiring warehouse operators to use different methods of work and various equipment and to be in constant motion. During this process, various types of warehousing errors can occur, which can be reduced with the introduction of a suitable strategy. A prerequisite for this is to have sufficient knowledge of the specifics of error prevention in the warehouse process that are mainly linked to how warehouse operators perceive the usefulness of

Sebastjan ŠKERLIČ, Robert MUHA

Transport Problems, Volume 12 , ISSUE 1, 83–92

Research Article | 13-December-2017

PV Maximum Power Point Tracking Through Pyranometric Sensor: Modelling and Characterization

alternative mounted on a solar follower plant and another tracking system called S.A.I.S. which does not use any solar position sensor but tracks the panel by solar position calculations, from the ad hoc knowledge of longitude, latitude, date and hour. A second comparison has been also made between the above pyranometer architecture and a specifically designed solarimeter.

A. Lay-Ekuakille, G. Vendramin, A. Fedele, L. Vasanelli, A. Trotta

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 1 , ISSUE 3, 659–678

Article | 01-December-2016


it with a certain threshold. Simulation results show that the proposed method can be used to verify the reliability of the blind processing results of a BPSK signal at a low signal-to-noise ratio and without a priori knowledge of the signal parameters.

Wang Shuwang, Hu Guobing

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 9 , ISSUE 4, 1900–1917

Article | 02-April-2018

Embedded Fault Diagnosis Expert System on Weapon Equipment

equipment, and infer equipment fault information by diagnosis clients, then locate the fault source quickly. Embedded fault diagnosis expert system integrates the data acquisition functions and reasoning capabilities of the knowledge base effectively, thus allowing the maintenance staff to diagnose and repair the equipment quickly and efficiently.

Geng Chaoyang, Gao Fenli

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 1 , ISSUE 2, 25–33

abstract | 29-March-2019

Abstracts of the 2018 International Guide Dogs Federation (IGDF) Seminar

the international standards being developed, which will be valid also outside of IGDF. It is the “How” do we provide that education, that many, especially smaller Guide Dog schools with fewer resources, struggle with. This workshop will strive to provide answers and fuel discussion. The presenter will give an overview of alternatives and the considerations for the alternatives for GDMI and other technical staff education based on personal experience and knowledge of the current possibilities

International Journal of Orientation & Mobility, Volume 10 , ISSUE 1, 1–17

Article | 30-November-2018

Application of K-means Algorithm in Geological Disaster Monitoring System

Wang Jianguo, Xue Linyao

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 3 , ISSUE 3, 16–22

Research Article | 21-May-2019


aestivum, are getting more popular and are widely cultivated, little is still known about their biology, composition and the role of their associative microbes. The aim of this study was to present the current knowledge about the bacterial communities associated with black truffles and their potential influence on the truffle life cycle and maturation.

Marta Siebyła, Dorota Hilszczańska

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology, Volume 56 , ISSUE 1, 28–32

case-report | 13-November-2017

Improving oral hygiene for stroke patients

assessments and oral hygiene techniques. Without effective education of nursing staff and health care assistants, oral hygiene may remain a lower or delegated priority of care. Time should be given to this task as the implications of ineffective oral health care could be costly and cause unnecessary complications. Brady et al, (2007) recommend training should be provided by qualified professionals such as dentists. There remains a lack of knowledge amongst nurses about oral hygiene and this includes a

Caroline Woon

Australasian Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 27 , ISSUE 1, 11–13

Research Article | 22-May-2019


Nitroaromatic compounds are present in the environment mainly as industry products. They pose a serious risk to our health (often exhibiting strong mutagenic and carcinogenic effect) as well as to the environment. Most of the nitroaromatic compounds are stable due to considerable resistance to degradation and they persist in the environment for a long time. In this review, we present the current state of knowledge concerning biodegradation of nitroaromatic compounds. In the first part, general

Alicja Wysocka, Agata Olszyna, Iga Komorowska, Magdalena Popowska

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology, Volume 56 , ISSUE 3, 289–305

research-article | 30-November-2019

Embarked on social processes (the rivers) in dynamic and multilevel networks (the boats)

“construe the claims” of litigating parties in their respective jurisdictions. Based on this knowledge, these judges tried to hammer out a “harmonized” legal interpretation of the European Patent – although they ended up producing a common, procedural “weak culture” (in Breiger’s sense), to start creating alignments and a process of convergence and “harmonization” at the European level (Lazega, 2012a; Lazega et al., 2017). Note that high multilevel status of super-central judges in collective learning

Emmanuel Lazega

Connections, Volume 40 , ISSUE 1, 60–76

research-article | 30-November-2019

First report of Meloidogyne naasi parasitizing turfgrass in Portugal

); Oceania (New Zealand) and South America (Argentina, Chile) (EPPO, 2020). To our knowledge, this is the first record of this nematode in Portugal and in the Iberian Peninsula. A football field in Porto, Portugal, with poor turf performance caused by various plant health issues, including nematode parasitism, was sampled in June 2019. This field was originally a 60% Lolium perenne L. – 40% Poa pratensis L. mix, but had several patches of encroaching weed, Poa annua, and was scheduled for replacement

M. Clara Vieira dos Santos, M. Teresa M. Almeida, Sofia R. Costa

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–4

research-article | 18-December-2020

A case of incidental infantile gallbladder adenomyomatosis: an unusual US finding of uncertain clinical significance

is the only other case of gallbladder ADM reported in an infant who was also asymptomatic like our patient(10). This patient, however, was on routine surveillance due to Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome (BWS), which is not directly correlated to ADM(11). To the best of our knowledge, our case is the youngest reported case of ADM in the literature, and it concerns an asymptomatic infant with no underlying pathology or laboratory test abnormality. As ADM may be completely asymptomatic and of no

Elena Drakonaki, Stamatios Kokkinakis, Ioannis Karageorgiou, Neofytos Maliotis, Anna Ioannidoy, Emmanouil K. Symvoulakis

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 20 , ISSUE 83, 318–321

Case report | 01-December-2019

Major non-ABO incompatibility caused by anti-Jka in a patient before allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

matched unrelated donor with no adverse events. To our knowledge, this is the first case of successful management of major non-ABO incompatibility caused by anti-Jka in a patient receiving an allogeneic HSCT reported in the literature.

Miriam Y. Kim, Preeti Chaudhary, Ira A. Shulman, Vinod Pullarkat

Immunohematology, Volume 29 , ISSUE 1, 11–14

research-article | 27-April-2020

Clients’ outcomes from providers’ networks: the role of relational exclusivity and complementary capabilities

organizational network theory that organizational outcomes depend on features of interorganizational partnership networks (Borgatti and Halgin, 2011; Powell et al., 1999; Uzzi 1996, 1997). We extend the notion that features of these networks enable organizational outcomes, arguing that network features may also enable client outcomes. Building on theories of trust and knowledge absorption, we argue that relational exclusivity is a feature of providers’ ego networks that improves their capability to benefit

Denis Trapido, Francesca Pallotti, Alessandro Lomi

Connections: The Quarterly Journal, Volume 40 , ISSUE 1, 31–46

research-article | 30-November-2020

Volatile compounds as potential bio-fumigants against plant-parasitic nematodes – a mini review

. Effects of VCs on plants, and soilborne pathogens such as bacteria and fungi have been reviewed elsewhere (Kai et al., 2009, 2016; Schulz-Bohm et al., 2017). Here, we summarize the recent studies of VCs that focused on PPNs as well as the challenges and knowledge gaps that remain in the future application of VCs as potential bio-fumigants for nematode management in the field. What are volatile compounds? Volatile compounds (VCs) are typically small, lipophilic, odorous, and low molecular mass

Hung Xuan Bui, Johan A. Desaeger

journal of nematology, Volume 53 , 1–12

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