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Research Article | 27-December-2017

Investigation of Main Injection Quantity Fluctuation due to Pilot Injection in High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection System

High pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel injection system is the main development trend for fuel injection system of diesel engine. Precise controlling of injection pressure and multiple injections are the advantages and key features of the HPCR system. Affect of pilot injection quantity (PIQ) and pilot-main interval (PMI) on main injection quantity fluctuation (MIQF) has been investigated in this paper by evaluating performance coherence and stability of injection quantity of diesel engine. A

Tian Bingqi, Fan Liyun, Ma Xiuzhen, Qaisar Hayat, Bai Yun, Liu Yang

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 7 , ISSUE 2, 820–836

review-article | 30-January-2020


BACKGROUND After World War One efforts to predict success in pilot training were occurring both in Europe and the United States. In Europe, the French and British approaches tended to focus on the Physiological challenges of aviation. In the United States, the approach tended to focus more on the psychological difficulties. This dichotomous approach continued well into the Second World War. It was not until the landmark Pensacola 1000 study in the United States in 1945 that demonstrated the

Peter Clem

Journal of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine, Volume 11 , 1–4

Article | 20-July-2021

Assessment of microdamage caused by orthodontic miniscrew pilot holes

Introduction: The clinical success of orthodontic miniscrew implants may be improved after pre-drilling a pilot hole. However, the amount of microdamage to the bone surface produced by the pilot hole is largely unknown. The present study aimed to quantify the damage to cortical bone after the creation of a pilot hole. Materials and methods: Porcine tibia bone was prepared into 30 rectangular bone block specimens with widths of 1.5, 2.0 or 2.5 mm. A pilot hole (0.9 mm diameter) was drilled into

Sven W. Jensen, Emilija D. Jensen, Wayne J. Sampson, Craig W. Dreyer

Australasian Orthodontic Journal, Volume 36 , ISSUE 2, 146–152

Article | 07-May-2018

Quadrotor Formation Control Method Based on Graph and Consistency Theory

This paper introduces graph and group system consistency theory and puts forward a quadrotor formation control method. The quadrotor is described as a second-order integrator dynamic system, and the relative position deviation of different quadrotors is used to describe formation. According to the communication topology relationship between quadrotors, the formation is modeled by graph theory. The fusion of the pilot-follow and graph theory method is analyzed, and a second-order coherence

Yang Sen, Xi Leiping

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 3 , ISSUE 2, 54–61

Case Study | 20-December-2018


ABSTRACT Sarcomas are rare malignant soft tissue tumours. This case report outlines a 45 year old pilot, presenting with a non-tender mass in his left medial thigh, subsequently diagnosed with a pleomorphic sarcoma. His management consisted of radiotherapy and surgical removal. Grading was considered FNCLCC grade 3 and there were no metastases. Surgery was followed by a structured rehabilitation program. The paper discusses aeromedical considerations for return to flying duties, regarding the

Katrina Franke

Journal of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine, Volume 10 , 1–3

Article | 04-March-2018



Transport Problems, Volume 12 , ISSUE 4, 127–140

Article | 14-July-2019


Presented work is primarily oriented on the experimental verification of the influence of fatigue on the psychological condition of the flying personnel, using psychological and performance tests. For the evaluation of a pilot performance,  the 24 hours experiment was conducted. In total, eight subjects participated in the experimental measurements. Eight participants went through several tests, including simulator flights, to investigate the effects of the fatigue on the results of

Vladimi SOCHA, Lenka HANAKOVA, Michal FREIGANG, Jakub KRAUS, Slobodan STOJIC, Lubos SOCHA, Peter HANAK

Transport Problems, Volume 14 , ISSUE 2, 55–67

Short Report | 10-September-2020

Can pregnant women accurately report snoring? A pilot study

-reports may not provide an accurate assessment of SBD symptoms in late pregnancy. Self-report in this study, resulted in an underestimation of the number of participants who experienced SDB symptoms. This was a pilot study, with a small sample size. However, our study lends weight to others that found poor predictive value of common scales to detect SDB in pregnancy. Future study is therefore needed to validate screening tools, which may need to be a combination of measures.

Jane Warland, Jacinta Carpentieri, Jillian Dorrian

Eat, Sleep, Work, Volume 1 , ISSUE 1, 57–64

research-article | 30-November-2018

The Role of Maternal Social Networks on the Outcomes of a Home-Based Childhood Obesity Prevention Pilot Intervention*

successful in other areas of public health (Valente, 2010), but to date have been underutilized in obesity prevention despite evidence that they are promising and needed. Study Aims This pilot study examines whether characteristics of mothers’ social networks are associated with the primary targets of a childhood obesity prevention initiative: namely, mother diet, physical activity, weight status, as well as infant diet and weight trajectory. Specifically, the aims were to identify how the following

Kayla de la Haye, Brooke M. Bell, Sarah-Jeanne Salvy

Journal of Social Structure, Volume 20 , ISSUE 3, 7–28

Research Article | 02-February-2017

In-Depth Investigation on Scene of an Accident – Pilot Study of DaCoTA (Road Safety Data, Collection Transfer and Analysis) Project

The article presents the procedure of in-depth investigation on-site of an accident data collection developed within the project DaCoTA (7th EU Framework Programme). Motor Transport Institute (MTI) participated in a pilot study to test practical usage of proposed methodology. The paper presents procedure, scope of collected data, analysis and the results of research carried out in Poland. After the end of DaCoTA, MTI continues in-depth data collection & analysis of Two Powered Wheel’s


Transport Problems, Volume 11 , ISSUE 1, 87–97

research article | 15-September-2020

One-year follow-up of The Incredible Years Parents and Babies Program: A pilot randomized controlled trial

significantly less parent stress than those in the control group (49). In this paper, we examine the effects of the IYPB as a universal intervention on parent and child well-being and child development one year after the program ended and the children were 18 months old. Methods Study design The trial is a pragmatic, two-armed, parallel pilot RCT. Institutional review board approval was obtained from SFI – the Danish National Center for Social Research. Parents provided informed consent before

Maiken Pontoppidan, Tróndur Møller Sandoy, Sihu K. Klest

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, Volume 8 , 123–134

Conference Presentation | 27-June-2018


A 50 year old male airline transport pilot licence (ATPL) pilot had been on a CASA audit requirement (CAR) for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma since 2010. As part of his ongoing haematological medical surveillance a neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis CT scan in 2014 reported an “incidental” abnormality in his neck. Perusal of the first several articles raised from a “Google” search of the abnormality linked it with possible stroke, carotid dissection and death. Would CASA now cancel or suspend this pilot’s

Ian Cheng

Journal of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine, Volume 10 , 9–10

Conference Presentation | 27-June-2018


Temporary loss of consciousness is unnerving for anyone, however the consequences in some professions can be devastating. This paper discusses the case of an Airline Transport Pilot License pilot who experienced a ‘funny turn’ resulting in loss of consciousness, with reference to the aeromedical decision-making process and a literature review.

Priti Bhatt

Journal of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine, Volume 10 , 4–5

research-article | 25-March-2021

“Less stress”: a pilot study on a cognitive behavioral treatment program for anxiety in children with autism spectrum disorders

participating in “Less stress” where the participating children had a high rate of severe ADHD. This might suggest that this outcome difference is related to difference in baseline severity of ADHD symptoms. Strengths and limitations A strength of the study was that it was carried out in an ordinary clinical setting including local therapists with some (n = 3) and extensive (n = 2) CBT experience. Limitations include that it was a pilot study without a control group and with a small sample size. In

Beate Oerbeck, Kristin Romvig Overgaard, Tony Attwood, Jon Fauskanger Bjaastad

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, Volume 9 , 30–40

research-article | 29-January-2021


target by radar beam guidance. It would not require a runway at all. After the interceptor had attacked an enemy bomber it would glide back to low level where the pilot would exit the machine and land under his personal parachute. The main portion of the fuselage containing the most expensive part of the machine, the Walter motor, would also be parachuted back to earth for reuse. This unusual tender came from a small aircraft component factory based in the charming township of Waldsee in south

Brett Gooden

Journal of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine, Volume 12 , 13–24

Article | 01-December-2014


The aerothermic process is a pilot scale heating and ventilation system equipped with a heater grid and a centrifugal blower. The interaction between its main variables is considered as challenging for mono-variable controllers. A change in the ventilator speed affects the temperature behavior which represents a factor that must be managed for energy saving and the human welfare. This paper presents an experimental comparison between a Centralized Discrete State Space Model Predictive Control

M. Ramzi, H. Youlal

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 7 , ISSUE 4, 1830–1849

Conference Presentation | 27-June-2018


Simon May

Journal of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine, Volume 10 , 11–12

Article | 02-April-2019

Core professional values for school leaders and teachers: Piloting an online tool

Evidence of the extent to which school leaders and teachers embrace core professional values may, through dialogue, open up new avenues for school improvement. With this in mind, the focus of this article is the piloting of an online survey tool designed to identify how widely four such values are held in New Zealand schools. The pilot was commissioned by the Te Ariki Trust with the support of the New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI), the New Zealand Principals’ Federation (NZPF) and

Susan Lovett

Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice, Volume 33 , ISSUE 2, 72–89

Research Article | 29-December-2017

Ultrasound comparison of external and internal neck anatomy with the LMA Unique

IntroductionInternal neck anatomy landmarks and their relation after placement of an extraglottic airway devices have not been studied extensively by the use of ultrasound. Based on our group experience with external landmarks as well as internal landmarks evaluation with other techniques, we aimed use ultrasound to analyze the internal neck anatomy landmarks and the related changes due to the placement of the Laryngeal Mask Airway Unique.MethodsObservational pilot investigation. Non-obese

Steven M. Lee, Jacek A. Wojtczak, Davide Cattano

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 17 , ISSUE 71, 229–234

Article | 16-April-2018

Development of the Difficulty with Mobility Questionnaire: A Pilot Study

Steven J. La Grow, Ed.D., Bashir Ebrahim, OAM, Grad. Dip. Rehab. Studies, Andy Towers, Ph.D.

International Journal of Orientation & Mobility, Volume 6 , ISSUE 1, 59–69

Article | 16-April-2018

Guide Dogs Queensland Volunteer Peer Support Program

This pilot study conducted between January 2010 and December 2014, investigated whether or not a structured peer support program would benefit people with vision impairment. The program was designed to provide support and information to clients over the telephone about mobility and vision conditions. Fourteen volunteers with vision impairment who provided the telephone support were matched with 71 clients with vision impairment. On completion of each client’s support program an evaluation

Karen Stitt, B.SoSci., Masters Counselling

International Journal of Orientation & Mobility, Volume 8 , ISSUE 1, 119–126

Article | 07-May-2018

Quadrotor Formation Inversion Control Method Based on Unit Quaternion

In this paper, the formation control problem of quadrotor is studied under ideal communication condition. The quadrotor has a complex mathematical model. First, the unit quaternion method is used to describe its dynamic model and kinematic model. It is decomposed into two independent subsystems of position and attitude. The tracking error model is established by introducing the error between the ture trajectory and the desired trajectory. And then appointing a member of formation as a pilot

Wang Zhongsheng, Yang Sen, Dong Hairui

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 3 , ISSUE 1, 27–34

original-paper | 26-January-2021

Attitudes of professionally active adults towards patients with epilepsy. Pilot study

Dorota Talarska, Patrycja Talarska, Marlena Szewczyczak, Magdalena Strugała, Kinga Siwek, Joanna Siwek, Dorota Ryszewska-Łabędzka

Journal of Epileptology, Volume 28 , 27–33

Article | 01-June-2012


proposed method, the PID controller with and without decoupling is implemented on an aerothermic process. It is a pilot scale heating and ventilation system equipped with a heater grid and a centrifugal blower, fully connected through the Humusoft MF624 data acquisition system for real time control. The outcome of the experimental results is that the main control objectives, such as set-point tracking and interactions rejection are well achieved. The experimental results have shown that the proposed

M. Ramzi, H. Youlal, M. Haloua

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 5 , ISSUE 2, 487–503

Article | 01-December-2012


The aerothermic process is a pilot scale heating and ventilation system. It is equipped with a heater grid and a centrifugal blower, fully connected through the Humusoft MF624 data acquisition system for real time control. The interaction between its main variables is considered as challenging for mono-variable controllers. An abrupt change in the ventilator speed might cause an undesirable disturbance in the air temperature representing a factor that must be managed to conserve energy. To

M. Ramzi, N. Bennis, M. Haloua, H. Youlal

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 5 , ISSUE 4, 1003–1018

Research Article | 06-July-2018

Students’ Perceptions of Learning, Post-school Options and Status in Two Elite Athlete Programmes

; learning, enjoyment, physical skill improvement and post-school options in the talent development environment. A small survey from a New Zealand pilot study on student participation was used for two purposefully selected case sites. Non-parametric statistical tests were used to test for differences within and between the two case sites. Results indicated that the talent development environment exerts a small effect on student athletes’ perceptions of physical skill improvement and that these

Seth Brown, Philippa Butler, Ra Jarden Osborne

Apex, Volume 18 , ISSUE 1, 59–74

Research Article | 13-June-2021

Interviewer allocation through interview–reinterview nested design for response error estimation in sample surveys

surveys relating to the time use and life satisfaction of academicians at Middle East Technical University, Turkey. An analysis of the pilot survey data showed that only half of the data was reliable, while the other half revealed interviewer effects. Prior to the main survey, interviewers underwent training in the course of which particular emphasis was put on the above-mentioned questions. In effect, the previously observed response variances which accounted for the total variance and data

Fidan Mahmut Fahmi, H. Öztaş Ayhan, Ìnci Batmaz

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 22 , ISSUE 2, 67–93

Article | 24-December-2021


can be used not only as a weight control tool but also performs a comprehensive analysis of other traffic flow parameters. In cooperation with Korean UDNS experts with support from KAIA, we test the application of WIM in Nur-Sultan city, North of Kazakhstan, with Siberian-type cold weather. These works create much challenges and innovative approach to test sensors in the harsh environment, from the extreme cold to hot temperatures, with intensive dust distortions. Our Talapker WIM pilot test site

Jong woo KIM, Young woo JUNG, Ainura UTEBAYEVA, Zhuldyz KAMALIYEVA, Neil COLLINS, Dastan SARBASSOV, Janay SAGIN, Raushan AMANZHLOVA

Transport Problems, Volume 16 , ISSUE 4, 149–162

Article | 03-November-2017


M.F. Rahmat, N.A. Mohd Subha, Kashif M.Ishaq, N. Abdul Wahab

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 2 , ISSUE 4, 579–601

short-communication | 07-June-2021

Occurrence of Beta-Lactamases in Colistin-Resistant Enterobacterales Strains in Poland – a Pilot Study

small number of colistin-resistant isolates (n = 65) obtained from hospitals that participated in the pilot study may indicate that the problem of colistin resistance among Enterobacterales strains is low. However, due to the described issues of the infection therapy, this problem requires further research and analysis. In the future, the authors plan to compare the antibiotics susceptibility of Enterobacterales isolates resistant to colistin and other multidrug-resistant Enterobacterales species


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 70 , ISSUE 2, 283–288

Research Article | 30-November-2013

Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Severity of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Preschoolers: A Pilot Investigation

Mini Tandon, Christina N. Lessov-Schlaggar, Rebecca Tillman, Melbourne F. Hovell, Joan Luby

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, Volume 2 , ISSUE 1, 37–40

Research Article | 30-November-2015

Continuity between Stressful Experiences and Delusion Content in Adolescents with Psychotic Disorders – A Pilot Study

Gennaro Catone, Simone Pisano, Matthew Broome, Juliana Fortes Lindau, Antonio Pascotto, Antonella Gritti

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, Volume 4 , ISSUE 1, 14–22

research-article | 02-July-2020

The use of wearable technology to measure and support abilities, disabilities and functional skills in autistic youth: a scoping review

of wearable technologies for the purposes of future intervention are noted as ‘X (future)’ Methodological quality The methodological quality of the articles ranged from limited to strong (Table 1). Eighteen studies were research articles with the remainder (k=15) being conference papers. Articles were primarily of adequate methodological quality (k=22). As many of the articles were conference papers and pilot studies, common limitations included small sample sizes and inadequate reporting of

Melissa H. Black, Benjamin Milbourn, Nigel T. M. Chen, Sarah McGarry, Fatema Wali, Armilda S. V. Ho, Mika Lee, Sven Bölte, Torbjorn Falkmer, Sonya Girdler

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, Volume 8 , 48–69

Article | 16-November-2020

Dealing with brittleness in the design of expert systems for immunohematology

alternative designs on the ability of the users to effectively stay “in the loop,” applying their own expertise and judgment while using the computer as a tool to assist with their analyses. A pilot study was conducted involving 32 certified medical technologists, which compared two alternative roles for the computer: (1) use of the computer to automatically complete subtasks upon request, and (2) use of the computer as a monitoring device to critique technologists as they completed the

Stephanie A. Guerlain, Philip J. Smith, Jodi Heintz Obradovich, Sally Rudmann, Patricia L. Strohm, Jack W. Smith, John Svirbely

Immunohematology, Volume 12 , ISSUE 3, 101–107

Research Article | 25-October-2017

Community gardens as pathways to community resilience? Reflections on a pilot study in Adelaide, South Australia


South Australian Geographical Journal, Volume 113 , 13–28

research-article | 08-March-2021

Shear wave elastography detects novel imaging biomarkers of aromatase inhibitor–induced joint pain: a pilot study

no biomarkers to identify those at risk of developing AIA. Identifying women at risk for developing AIA is critical in order to study interventions to prevent AIA, improve AI adherence, and prevent breast cancer recurrence and death. Shear wave elastography (SWE) is a novel US technique for characterizing tissue structures with shear acoustic waves of a focused ultrasonic beam(19) to acquire a measure of tendon stiffness. We conducted a pilot study to evaluate tendon features of the hands and

Jessica A. Martinez, Mihra S. Taljanovic, Russell S. Witte, Andres A. Nuncio Zuniga, Betsy C. Wertheim, C. Kent Kwoh, Brian A. Goldstein, Denise J. Roe, Pavani Chalasani

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 21 , ISSUE 84, 1–6

Article | 16-April-2018

People’s attitudes to dogs in service: A pilot study of a new 15-point scale

Helen Louise Thomas, Assoc CIPD; B.Psychology, Hons student

International Journal of Orientation & Mobility, Volume 8 , ISSUE 1, 127–138

Article | 30-July-2021

The efficacy of Hybrid Hyrax-Mentoplate combination in early Class III treatment: a novel approach and pilot study

Vandana Katyal, Benedict Wilmes, Manuel Nienkemper, M. Ali Darendeliler, Wayne Sampson, Dieter Drescher

Australasian Orthodontic Journal, Volume 32 , ISSUE 1, 88–96

Position Paper | 20-December-2018


Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) guidelines for diagnosis using oral glucose tolerance test (or HbA1c) recognise the importance of extending diagnosis beyond simply identifying diabetes. This is relevant in view of the risk of composite cardiovascular events, coronary heart disease, stroke, and all-cause mortality associated with abnormal blood glucose. Since the pilot population mirrors this morbidity, the aviation regulator has an obligation to consider the impact in terms of

Sanjiv Sharma, Michael Drane

Journal of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine, Volume 10 , 1–7

Article | 20-July-2021

Evaluation of the posterior airway space following orthopaedic treatment of mandibular deficient Class II malocclusion – a pilot study

Christopher J. Costello, John Sambevski, Lam L. Cheng, M. Ali Darendeliler

Australasian Orthodontic Journal, Volume 34 , ISSUE 1, 11–16

Research Article | 30-November-2015

A Danish study of One-session Treatment for Specific Phobias in Children and Adolescents

the pretreatment period to the 3-month follow-up assessment. Four (40%) of the participants were free of the targeted specific phobia after treatment, and eight (80%) were free of the phobia at the 3-month follow-up. The families were moderately satisfied with the treatment, and no patients dropped out of the study.On the basis of the results of this pilot study, it may be tentatively concluded that OST could be useful for the treatment of youths with specific phobias in Denmark.

Mette Djernes Nielsen, Christina Linddahl Andreasen, Mikael Thastum

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, Volume 4 , ISSUE 2, 65–76

Research Article | 01-December-2017


, through a WiFi radio module, sends them to the base station; the data are also stored on a SD memory card to avoid data losses. Sparkfun CAN module is employed for this aim and to interface the engine control unit with ST Nucleo board. Experimental tests were carried out for verifying correct operation of realized system; by analyzing trends over time of monitored vehicle parameters as function of the vehicle movements, driving conditions and race track, the technicians ensure safety of pilot life and

P. Visconti, B. Sbarro, P. Primiceri

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 10 , ISSUE 4, 793–828

Case report | 25-January-2018

Support My Spine ASAP. A Rural Tele-health care model for patients being managed with a Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthotic (TLSO).

Question: Does a Telehealth model of care facilitating treatment in rural hospitals for patients requiring a TLSO eliminate the need for transfer to a tertiary referral hospital? Design: Quantitative pre and post intervention design. Participants: Physiotherapists, nursing and medical staff at rural hospital pilot sites. Intervention: Pre and post intervention data collection provided patient demographics, and length of stay data around model of care implementation. Pre intervention staff

Ryan Gallagher, Jane Morison, Michelle Giles, Judith Henderson, Sarah Zehnder

Australasian Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 26 , ISSUE 1, 7–9

Research Article | 10-July-2018

Long-term outcome of children with autism who received different forms of early intervention during their preschool years: a pilot study of 15 young adults

Sigrídur Lóa Jónsdóttir, Birta Brynjarsdóttir, Evald Saemundsen, Jón Fridrik Sigurdsson

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, Volume 6 , ISSUE 1, 28–39

Article | 30-July-2021

Effects of hybrid-Hyrax, Alt-RAMEC and miniscrew reinforced heavy Class III elastics in growing maxillary retrusive patients. A four-year follow-up pilot study

Alexandra K. Papadopoulou, Oyku Dalci, Peter Petocz, M. Ali Darendeliler

Australasian Orthodontic Journal, Volume 33 , ISSUE 2, 199–211

Article | 20-July-2021

A survey of retention and retainer practices of orthodontists in Australia

Objective: To survey retention and retainer practices of orthodontists in Australia. Methods: A pilot-tested e-survey was distributed to 502 eligible members of the Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO). The questions addressed participant background information, preferred retainer and retention practices, retainer characteristics and factors influencing retainer choice. Statistical analyses were performed using PASWH version 18. Results: The response rate was 58%. Thermoplastic retainers

Maurice J. Meade, Craig W Dreyer

Australasian Orthodontic Journal, Volume 35 , ISSUE 2, 174–183

Original Paper | 07-September-2016

Inter-rater reliability in the classification of supraspinatus tendon tears using 3D ultrasound – a question of experience?

sonographer with different levels of experience.Patients and methodsNon-interventional, prospective, observational pilot study of 2309 images of 127 adult patients suffering from unilateral shoulder pain. 3D ultrasound image sets were scored by three raters independently. The intra-and interrater reliabilities were calculated.ResultsThere was an excellent intra-rater reliability of rater A in the overall classification of supraspinatus tendon tears (2D vs 3D κ = 0.892, pairwise reliability 93.81%, 3D

Giorgio Tamborrini, Christian Marx, Raphael Micheroli

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 16 , ISSUE 66, 252–259

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